My husband’s secret episode 9&10

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 9

My husband open the car for me to hop in I was really excited about the whole situation forgetting my predicament, the new house is just what is in my mind.

After some minute of driving, we arrived at a two storey building it was beautiful just by mere looking at it one can tell it worth millions of naira I did not bother asking him how he got the money to secure an expensive house like since he said he just got a contract.

“This house is fine honey” I said in amazement

“You haven’t seen anything let us go inside first” he said flipping the car keys in his finger. I was just jumping around with the way am excited he open the door chai the decorations in it is beyond what I can explain.

My pictures were already on the walls there I was surprised “How come did you get my picture here? ” I asked

“Hmmmm that’s the easiest thing honey, let us go upstairs and see the rooms” he said as he hold my hand and we both walk majestically upstairs like a newly wedded couple.

There were like five rooms on a row making a total of ten, the ones downstairs were also much but I didn’t count it. I was checking out the rooms one by one they were well furnished with a TV set in each room. I got to the last room as I was about to open it my husband beacon on me

“Honey don’t go in there you can enter any room in this house but this one don’t even come near it” he said

“Why? ” I asked looking at him suspiciously

“Hmmmm you see this room isn’t well built and it is still under construction”

“Are you sure? ” I asked

“Yes nah!! Let us go check out our matrimonial bedroom” he said pushing me to the room.

We entered into our bedroom, it was really big and the bed was very large and soft I examine everywhere this is the house I dream to live in I said in my mind

“So what do you think” he asked

“To be honest i love this place” I said he was really happy as he hear me say that he hugged me passionately

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 10

“OK can you please do me a favour, walk into the kitchen and prepare me a delicious dinner food am famished” he said

“Trust me what I want to prepare for you is going to blow your mind” I said and went downstairs to the kitchen.

It was as if my husband has been living in this house before, I opened the store in surprise there were lots of foodstuff in it

“Chai Mary you will enjoy yourself till you die” I said to myself and take some ingredients I needed in making a special and delicious ofada rice for my husband. Within some minute I was done I set the table and dish the food my husband was watching a football match he was tense seeing his team losing the game I do wonder why men love watching football match like this.

“Honey dinner is ready!!” I said he looked at the table to confirm but he seems less concerned about it what is in his mind is the ongoing match

“I will join you after the match!!” he said fixing his gaze back on the match

“But you said you are hungry…”

“I know but this match is very important”

“So you mean the match is very important than me your wife abi no problem ” I said knowing that he would leave the match and join me on the dinning table, he looked at me surprisingly and came to the dinning table

“Why would you say the match is more important than you? You know you are my wife and I love you so much nothing is more important than you” he said and peck my cheek.

He sat down and took a spoonful of the ofada rice

“Jeez!!” he shouted

“What happened?”

“This food is delicious” he said with a smile am already blushing

“Thank you”i said. We continue eating our food not up to three minutes a message popped in on his laptop he pause for a moment looked at the time it just some minute past seven he looked at me in a suspicious way

“Excuse me please” he said and took his laptop and went upstairs. Now this time I know there’s something fishy about my so called husband.

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