My husband’s secret episode 7&8

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 7

I almost fell to the ground if not for the help of the other workers who came to my rescue I was still doubting

“How did it happened? I still spoke to her yesterday night” I asked

“According to her co-tenants they said she was screaming masquerade and ran out of the house but before they can even ask her what’s wrong she was knocked down by a car” one the workers named James said

Hot Tears roll down my face why has death done this to me? Why has it taken away my friend at this time I needed her the most?.

I was taken home by James I couldn’t concentrate at work losing a love one is a painful and bitter experience.

James drop me off in front of my house I walk into the house in a awkward manner I unlocked the door fling my bag somewhere else and dump myself on the couch sobbing.

“Why God? Why have you allow this to happen?” I said burying my face into my palm.

After some minute of sobbing I dose off on the couch and I had a dream

I find myself in the same forest I once found myself before I lost my pregnancy, there were bones littered on the ground “Masquerade!!! ” I heard the voice echo in my ear I stood up scanning the whole place in a seconds.

I could see from a distance the same masquerade that do pursue me running after a lady, the lady was shouting for help the masquerade keep chasing her laughing hysterically with his rod in his hand.

I ran after them with all my strength hoping I can save the lady but before I catch up with them the masquerade already kill the lady with his rod. I stopped seeing what happened the masquerade was laughing hysterically again, it voice was ringing in my ear, this voice sounds like the voice I do hear everyday suddenly the masquerade turned to me with fear I jolted up from the couch

“What happened?” a voice asked when I turn around it was my husband smiling at me with his laptop in his hand.

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 8

I jerked seeing him standing in front of me I was really sacred he sat on the couch near me with the intention of placing his hand on me but I stood up avoiding him I rush into the room and lock the door.

“Something is wrong somewhere why am I seeing this masquerade? Juliet shouted masquerade before she got knocked down by a car it was this same masquerade that chase me before I lost my pregnancy and one thing about this masquerade is that it voice sounds familiar but where?” I was racking my brain really hard trying to figure out the answers to my problem but not even a single clue came my mind.

My husband knock on the door instantly, I was frightened I stood motionless in the room thinking maybe he would stop but he he didn’t

“Honey why did you lock the door?” he said

“Hmmm sorry about that” I said and open the door for him, he came into the room smiling I was curious

“Honey why are you smiling?”

“Just guess!!” He said

“You know am not good in guessing” I said

“OK you know the other day I left the room and you ask me where I was going to and I said I need to finish an assignment which is confidential?”

“Yes I remembered”

“The assignment is actually a contract and guess what I have been given the contract” He said jubilating I am confused I don’t understand what is going on again

“So you mean you have been doing assignment all this while?” I asked

“Yes what else do you think I was doing?”

“Hmm just kidding”

“So do you know the best part we are moving away from this apartment into a new one”

“Really!! ” I jump up hugging him tightly “this is a good news and it calls for celebration” I said with a smile

“Yes but that will be later because we are moving in right now” he said I was happy

” This is wonderful” I said and start packing but he told not to

“New clothes are already in the new house just let us go” he said and we cat walk out of the house into the car.

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