My husband’s secret episode 3&4

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 3

I couldn’t believe my ears miscarriage how come? I grab the doctor’s cloth

“What did you say doc” I said in pain my husband was preventing from tearing the doctor’s cloth with the way I grip it

” No ooo that can’t be possible ” I screamed

“Calm down ma ” the doctor said but it is like he doesn’t know how it feels to lose a pregnant

“Don’t tell me to calm down”

” Honey I understand your pain but you need to calm down” my husband said as he sat beside my bed.

Two days later, I was discharged from the hospital and we went back home my husband was trying to cheer me up but I was deep in thought I am still trying to fathom how everything happened it was like a dream to me. After series of thinking I later took my mind off it.

Two weeks later, everything was back to normal I no longer think about the pregnancy anymore I go to work and come back in the evening and sometimes I got too tired to prepare dinner, I later complain to my husband one evening

“Honey don’t you think we need to employ an house girl? ”

“What for? ” He said in a harsh tone

“Most of the time when I come back from work am always tired to prepare dinner for you”

“And so did I complain to you?”

“But… ”

“Don’t but me anything in fact I already lost my appetite” he said and went into the room.

I was surprised “what did I say wrong? Just to employ house girl” I said and clear the table.

I went into the room to meet him he was busy on his laptop and anytime he sees me he would shut it down and I won’t see what he was doing

“Honey is it because of what I said that’s why you refuse to eat my food abi” I said

“I have told you I don’t want any third party in our marriage”

“OK am sorry” I said caressing his beards

“Am sorry too” he said and stood up with the laptop

“Where are you going to?” I asked

“I need to finish my assignment”

“But why can’t you do it here?”

“No it is confidential” he said and left

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 4

I watch as my husband walk out of the room with the laptop he must be hiding something from me I thought to myself or is he cheating on me?

” If that’s the case I will soon find out” I said and later lay on the bed though I didn’t sleep thinking and waiting for my husband to come back to the bed so we can both sleep together but imagine this guy didn’t come back at all, I later slept off and when I woke up it was morning, yet, my husband isn’t on the bed.

I stood up and stretch my hand I went to the bathroom and have a shower I got dress and then went to the living room to my surprise my husband is on the couch sleeping like a Log tree he was even snoring his laptop was right on the table and it is still switch on

“This is my chance” I said

I peeped over the couch and checked him he is sound asleep, immediately I tiptoe to the laptop and click the key enter, which display my picture I was about checking the folders suddenly I heard a voice

“What are you doing?”

I was startled my husband is awake he quickly take his laptop and shut it down

“I said what are you doing?” he said again

“Hmm.. ho..honey you didn’t shut it down so I want to help you…” I stammer

“Listen very good woman stay away from my laptop do not shut it down for me okay I can tolerate anything but this laptop do not come close to it” he said and went inside. I was really surprised truly he is hiding something from.

I prepared breakfast for him which he refuse to eat but after series of begging he later ate it. It was almost 8 am am running late for work I couldn’t even finish my breakfast I had to rush to work.

Luckily for me my boss is not yet around I was really brooding over the scenario that happened at home something is wrong somewhere. My friend Juliet noticed my mood she came over to my office, I was not a type that tell people my family issue but right now I need someone to confide in and that will be Juliet

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