My husband’s secret episode 15

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 15

“No please am sorry I will do anything” I said in tears

“The only thing you can do for me is to let me use you to renew my wealth” my husband said I can see he already made up his mind.

“Mary so this is the end look at where you ended up your life because of money. God I know you can hear me, I know you know that all this is as a result of my past behavior but Lord your Word says the time of ignorance God winked at, Father if you can save me from this I promise to preach to people how you have saved me and preach to them to turn away from all their sinful ways but father if this is the end have mercy on, let me enter your kingdom” I said in agony

“Ogunmeje offer the sacrifice now” Ajagun said immediately my husband raise in the knife a light ray just appear into the shrine I couldn’t see anything but I was hearing them shouting “Fire!!!”

“Fire!! Where?” I said trying to see what is going on but I couldn’t see a thing the light is so bright that I close my eyes suddenly I noticed a hand carried me but I didn’t see anybody.

The hand carried me within a seconds and drop me when I open my eye I found myself in front of my mum’s church

“Jesus!! ” I shouted running into the church, the service was still going on when I entered the people were sacred they thought I was a mad woman. I ran to the front of the altar rolling on the ground shouting

“Jesus I thank you” I keep saying that for some minute before the pastor tap me and asked what happened to me.

I explained everything to him while the whole congregation was listening when I finish they all shouted

“Jesus is Lord!! ” Some fall on their knees crying for their forgiveness while others were rolling on the floor praising God.

Since then I repent from my sinful way and start going to church frequently I later found another man who married me and to the glory of God I have given birth to three children.

All glory belongs to God

The End.

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