My husband’s secret episode 13&14

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 13

My husband looked at me he was proud of what he did he put on his mask back laughing hysterically and drag Juliet into a place that looks like a shrine.

Everything transform back into our new house I could see my husband sleeping on the bed suddenly a message popped in on his laptop he stood up and checked it I walk behind him to check what he has actually been hiding from me.

When I got behind him I saw him chatting with a person named Ogunmakin the person texted

“You haven’t fulfill your promise Ogunmeje”

“I just need a time Ogunmakin the lady has been suspicious about my movement” my husband replied

” Your last sacrifice has expired” the person texted

“But I still offer the group her baby and her friend”

“And the group gave you wealth just has you have requested the group wants you to show up now most especially the leader he wants to know what’s taking so long for the next sacrifice” the person texted.

My husband shut down his laptop and stood up, tears roll down my cheeks so my husband is the one responsible for my miscarriage and also the death of my friend Juliet no wonder he never allowed me to come close to his laptop.

I followed him to where he was heading to, I was so shocked to see him enter the room he told me never to enter, why is he going into the room?.

I entered the room it was a shrine I am really sacred seeing some skull tied to the wall my husband spread his hand apart and recite some incantation suddenly some people in black appeared the whole room shake immediately

“Ogunmeje what happened it time you renew your wealth” a person named Ajagun said seems as if he is the leader

“Ajagun I know but I need more time” my husband said

“Time is not on your side listen your woman whom you want to use has figure out your secret you need to go now and bring her” Ajagun said laughing hysterically

“oh my God so he want to use me” I shouted

My Husband’s Secret
Episode 14

“You need to bring her she’s sleeping now it your chance” Ajagun said

“No problem I will even add interest because she’s pregnant I will use both her and the child” My husband said all of a sudden they bursted in laugh.

How can he do this to me? He claim to love me so he was actually deceiving me all this while. I woke up from my dream by a person’s tap fearfully i opened my eyes it was my husband standing in front of me.

Fear grip me I wanted to shout but he seized my voice before I can think of anything he brought a white substance read some incantation into it and blew it to my face immediately I was feeling dizzy and sleepy at the same time I try my best not to sleep but the power is too strong for me I gave in.

When I open my eye I found myself in the shrine my legs and hand were tied like a cow about to get slaughtered the same people I saw in my dream were standing reciting some incantation the whole shrine was shaking I didn’t know what to do this people seems powerful.

“It is time for the sacrifices Ogunmeje” Ajagun said handing over a knife with a black cloth tied to it handle my husband collected it with joy and move closer to me

“Success please can you tell what I have done wrong that I deserve this from you ” I said with tears

“You really want to know why? ‘ he said and I nodded my head in reply

“You ladies are always after a guy that has money and not poor man you remember when I was still poor and I asked you out? Do you know what you did to me? You lambasted me and embarrassed me infront of everybody saying you can never get married to a poor man like me who has no future. Do you remember? Now that am rich I asked you out you didn’t think twice you accepted my proposal but you never knew the source of my wealth” he said

“Please am very sorry for what I have done babe I take back everything I said to you please” I pleaded with tears

“My dear it too late”

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