My desires episode 5


My Desires 💖🔥

(A story inspired by a true life event)


Approaching Daniel for his phone number was an action I had never envisioned for myself. I guess one can do the unimaginable once sexually frustrated. However, despite obtaining his number, I found myself unable to initiate a call or text. Oddly enough, he neither called nor messaged me afterward, almost as if we awaited each other to make the first move.

It’s funny how growing up, I was strongly against the act of infidelity, often finding myself passing judgment on women who engaged in such behavior, labeling them as lacking self-control. But here I was shamelessly taking a step to commit the very sin I had vehemently criticized years earlier. This situation reminded me of the adage, “Never judge a situation you haven’t experienced,” an important reminder that life can lead us to act in ways we once condemned.

While I wrestling with the potential consequences of taking a step closer to Daniel, Alex dropped by my boutique, a buzzing business established with Kennedy’s unwavering support, among his many benevolent gestures.

“How are you and the kids faring?” She inquired lowering herself beside me.

Taking a deep breath, I responded, “Alex, I fear I’m on the brink of compromising my values, self-discipline, upbringing, and everything I once believed in. My sexu#l desires are overpowering me, plunging me into a state of distress and depression that threatens my sanity.”

Baffled, Alex adjusted herself, concern engraved on her features.

“What exactly do you mean? Didn’t your intimacy with Kennedy improve after our last discussion?” she inquired.

“Well, regrettably, nothing has changed. In fact, matters have gotten worse since then. He made quite some efforts to rekindle things but his mind was always distracted mid-way by work work and work,” I admitted with a heavy heart.

“This is sad indeed. But have you tried confronting Kennedy once more about this?” Alex inquired sincerely concerned about me.

“For what? So I can be misunderstood once more as being insensitive, self-centered, or sexually insatiable? I’m not ready to stir up more troubles with my husband.” I protested.

“How then do you intend to address this without confronting him? Vivian, enduring this torment alone without conveying your needs and addressing his shortcomings in fulfilling his role as your husband is not the right way to go about this.” Alex pressed.

“You know me, Alex, I’m a genuinely contented person. I rarely complain about anything unless it’s out of my control. But it’s quite frustrating that no one seems to understand what I’m going through, not even my husband. He’s undoubtedly an exceptional man, the kind any woman would dream of. He performs excellently as a father and husband. But, knowing him, he is the type to focus most of his time and attention on one goal and task at a time, leaving no room for distractions while expecting you to understand. And there my friend, is where the problem lies,” I expressed with sorrow.

“So, in essence, you are saying that no matter how much you voice your concerns, he won’t give you the attention you desire as long as he isn’t done with the task at hand?” She inquired, genuinely taken aback.

“Exactly. He will continue to withhold his attention from me until he secures that job promotion, which demands him to work ten times more than usual. It might even surprise you to know that we have only talked twice at night since he left for that business trip,” I confessed with a sense of lament.

“That’s truly disheartening,” she responded with remorse.

“Yes, in the end, no man is without a flaw,” I chuckled wistfully.

“That’s true. My husband has his flaws as well, though not in the aspect of satisfying my desires. In fact, I’ve been the one avoiding intimacy at home because he is so physically affectionate, and can’t stop initiating s#x” she shared.

“You’re fortunate,” I replied with a hint of sarcasm.

“But, how have you managed to restrain your desires all this time?” she inquired.

“M@sturbation has become a coping mechanism these past months. Sadly, my fingers and s#x t0ys have felt me more than my husband has,” I revealed.

“I’m really at a loss for words,” she admitted, lowering her head in her palms. Then lifting her head, she continued.

“Still, Vivian, you can fight this. Look, if you ever feel overwhelmed, just look around at what you have achieved so far. Find strength in the journey you’ve shared, your beautiful children, and the love your husband has for you. He truly cares about your well-being and is striving to provide a better life for you and your kids. It’s not easy, but be patient,” she advised.

Her words resonated as undeniable truths, yet the question lingered, “For how much longer must I endure before he resumes his role as a husband to me?”

I did heed her advice and opted for a touch of more patience with my husband. However, each time I tried to communicate with him to help occupy and distract my mind from having negative thoughts, he was always too busy to take my calls or he would end the call on me to attend some meetings over there. Yet, again, the universe continued to subject me to tests.

On a particular Thursday, while driving to my shop after picking up my children from school, my car suddenly began to slow down and eventually came to a halt right in the middle of the road. After multiple attempts to restart the car’s engine, I stepped out of the car feeling utterly devastated as it wouldn’t come to a start. Just as I was dialing my mechanic’s number, a flashy car pulled up beside me. Intrigued, I turned to identify the driver, and to my surprise, the window of the car rolled down, revealing Daniel.

He looked incredibly handsome, with neatly shaved hair, a trimmed beard, and stylish dark sunglasses.

“Ahah! I spotted you from a distance and immediately recognized it was you standing here. What’s going on? Are you stranded? Is there something wrong with your car?” he inquired, taking off his sunglasses and offering a cheerful smile.

“Uhmmm! Well, yes! My car suddenly broke down. But don’t worry, I’ll have my mechanic come fix it soon,” I assured him quickly.

“In that case, how about I give you a ride to your destination? Or are you planning to wait here until your mechanic arrives?” he proposed.

“Uhmm… I’m not so sure that’s a great idea, considering I have my kids with me,” I replied cautiously.

“Incredible, that’s all the more reason to let me give you a ride. Besides, it’s unsafe for you and your children to be here alone” he insisted.

“You’re certainly persistent, aren’t you?” I said, crossing my arms.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” he replied, smiling.

Left with little choice, I agreed, and he proceeded to drop me and my kids off at my shop. That was the moment he finally learned the location of my store and had a chance to interact with my children. At that moment I had envisioned what life would have been if we had ended up together. Crazy right?

Later that night, I found myself compelled to send him a message of gratitude on WhatsApp, which he promptly responded to. This led to an extensive conversation that continued well into the night, reminding me of the good old days. For several days, our discussions covered various aspects of life, gradually reigniting the passion we once shared.

Then, the most significant test arose: in the middle of our conversation one night, he requested that I come to visit his residence.

To be continued…….

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