My desires episode 4



(A story inspired by a true life event)


Life often takes unexpected turns, reconnecting us with our past and urging us to reopen chapters we believed were closed. Encountering Daniel again, after all these years, was a surprise I never anticipated.

“Hey, what’s with the long stare?” he asked with a smile mixed with a hint of amusement on his face.

“What are you doing here?” I managed to ask, struggling to hide my shock.

“Your pin, sir,” the cashier interrupted turning the card machine toward Daniel. He brushed off my question and proceeded to enter his card pin.

“On whose permission are you paying my expenses?” I retorted attempting to snatch the card from the machine. But he stopped me, holding my hands in mid-air.

“Relax, Alright? When did it become a crime to cover an old friend’s shopping expenses?” he asked with a smile still playing on his lips. I quickly pulled my hands away from his grip.

“Here you go,” he said, handing the machine back to the cashier who completed the transaction.

“And you don’t find it questionable when the friend in question is married?” I inquired glaring at him with my arms crossed.

“Done. Here’s your card, sir,” the cashier interrupted again, returning Daniel’s ATM card along with the transaction receipt.

“Thank you,” Daniel said, taking the card and receipt.

He handed the receipt to me, then put his card back into his wallet, sliding it into his breast pocket.

“Vivian, I must say you do have a unique way of reconnecting with old friends. Remember, you did the same thing to me four years ago?” he teased, accompanied by a chuckle.

“It’s been five years, you moron. Get your facts straight,” I retorted, rolling my eyes.

“Wow! Five years already? But how have you managed to stay so youthful and stunning after all these years? Do you realize that merely looking at you, it would take only your wedding ring to show that you are married? Other than that, you could be mistaken for one of those young single girls in town,” he complimented.

“I appreciate the compliments, but I suggest you tone it down a bit. Because I’m not just a wife but also a mother of three adorable kids,” I stated, rolling my eyes again.

“Really? My goodness! Forgive me but you honestly do not look like one who has given birth,” he said, genuinely surprised.

“Well, just so you know, my first son just turned five, my second son is four, and my youngest daughter is two. So show a little respect, Mr.,” I said with pride.

“How is that even possible? How are they all so grown? When did you even have these kids?” he asked, with uttermost curiosity.

“Well, I had my first son ten months after my wedding. The second came unexpectedly a year later, and my daughter arrived two years after my second son. So, you see, I had all three in the first four years of my marriage,” I explained proudly.

“Wow! I’m honestly at a loss for words right now. Nevertheless, It’s good to know that you’re finally living your dream of being a family woman. I’m so proud of you, Vivian” he said, smiling.

But as I gazed into his eyes, I saw a hint of sadness.

“Here are your items. Thank you for shopping with us,” the cashier interrupted once again, offering me my purchases in a shopping bag. Suddenly, Daniel grabbed the bag.

“What’s this now?” I asked, curious.

“I think it’s only right that I help you carry these to your car if you don’t mind,” he volunteered, leaving me no choice but to lead him to where I had parked my car outside.

We reached my car, and Daniel assisted me in loading my purchases into the trunk. While he did so, I expressed my gratitude for his kind and selfless gesture.

“Thank you,” I said appreciatively.

“For what?” he asked, closing the trunk.

“For covering my bills in there and for helping me out here,” I clarified.

“It’s nothing, Vivian. This is the least I can do for an old friend. Besides, I trust you would do the same for me if our positions were reversed,” he said.

“Well, who knows?” I shrugged.
“By the way, I forgot to ask. What brings you here? I still can’t fathom why I bumped into you in this place, considering you don’t live around here or anything,” I asked with curiosity getting the best of me.

“Well, I actually live in this neighborhood now,” he revealed.

“You do? Since when?” I asked, truly surprised.

“The thing is, I got a promotion at work recently, which led to my assignment as the new regional manager here,” he explained.

“No way! You can’t be serious!” I exclaimed in disbelief.

Well, you wouldn’t blame me for my astonishment because Daniel’s transformation in just five years was unexpected, given his carefree nature when we were dating from ages 20 to 25.

“Surprising, right? Well, I had to pick up the pieces and strive for a better life after you got married. So you, Vivian, became my inspiration to become a better person,” he said, his gaze steady and familiar.

“I’m genuinely proud of you, Daniel. It’s heartwarming to see you getting your life on track after all these years. Congratulations on the promotion,” I said, extending my hand for a handshake.

“Thank you, Vivian,” he said, taking my hand, his smile unwavering.

“Alright, I suppose I should let you go now,” he said, freeing his hand from mine. “Please give my regards to your family.”

“Of course, take care,” I waved.

Without further words, he turned back to the shopping mall to continue his shopping.

That night, the memories I thought were buried resurfaced after my encounter with Daniel. I found myself lost in fantasies about him. Perhaps it was my unfulfilled desires or the changes I saw in him since our last meeting. He seemed to have a new perspective on life, something I had always wished for him.

A little while later, my husband joined me in bed, interrupting my thoughts. As usual, he fell asleep almost instantly, leaving me alone with my thoughts and fantasies, like a solitary wanderer.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I found myself returning to the shopping mall on several occasions, secretly hoping to cross paths with Daniel once more. However, my efforts were in vain, as our paths didn’t cross again.

About a month later, my husband embarked on a business trip that was expected to keep him away for a month. And It was as if fate was presenting me with a test since i was seriously battling with meeting my sexual needs.

Along the line, I happened to visit that same shopping mall without any intention of encountering Daniel, yet there he was, selecting items for himself.

Unlike the previous days when he initiated our interactions, this time I took the initiative and approached him first, offering a friendly greeting.

“Hi,” I smiled, extending my greeting.

“Hey,” he responded, a bright delight in his expression as he turned to face me.

“Our paths cross again,” I commented.

“Yeah, well, we are neighbors, so it’s not surprising for us to bump into each other once in a while,” he replied, his smile slightly awkward.

“True,” I agreed nodding helplessly.

“So, how are your kids? And, your husband of course,” he inquired.

“My children are doing well, and my husband is currently away on a business trip,” I answered promptly.

“That’s good to hear,” he nodded, struggling to find the right words to continue our conversation.

“You know, if it’s okay with you, I would like to have your number,” I offered.

Hearing this, he turned giving me a curious and surprised look.

“That’s something I didn’t expect to hear from you. But either way, I don’t mind at all. In fact, I would be more than happy to share my contact with you,” he replied.

“Great, then. Just type it in here,” I said, handing my phone over to him.

He took my phone, offering a skeptical glance before entering his number.

“Here you go,” he said, returning my phone to me.

I took the phone and quickly dialed his number to confirm.

“That’s mine,” I grinned at him.

And that ladies and gentlemen, was how we finally got to exchange our contact details.

You know, reconnecting with the past can sometimes offer an opportunity for closure, forgiveness, or even rebuilding bridges that seemed beyond repair. However, in my case, it presented me with a test: to either remain faithful to my husband or use this opportunity to satisfy my unbearable desires.

To be continued…….

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