My desires episode 11

PART 11.

My Desires 💖🔥🔞

(A story inspired by a true life event)


They say there’s a time for everything, a time to indulge in desires, and a time to face their consequences. Little did I know that the sins of my past would resurface, a full year after I committed them. It’s a stark reminder that nothing remains hidden beneath the sun.

Dr. Jane Greer once remarked, “When trust in someone shatters, one undergoes stages of emotions ranging from shock, denial, anger, and sadness, that is similar to when one is mourning a loss.”

My husband didn’t immediately confront me upon watching that incriminating footage. Instead, he remained silent constantly reviewing it. Outwardly, he acted as if all was well, but inside, he grappled with a multitude of doubts about me and other secrets that I was hiding from him.

That footage broke the trust he once had in me, leading to him discreetly conducting a DNA test on our three children. The test results affirmed that he was their biological father a relief that only deepened his curiosity regarding the man that kissed me in that damning footage.

Out of the blue, he once inquired, “Babe, is there something you are concealing from me?”

I reacted instantly, my expression a mix of astonishment and bewilderment.

“I don’t understand. What do you mean?” I replied, genuinely perplexed.

“I just wanted to ensure that there are no hidden truths that could affect our marriage,” he added.

“And, where is this coming from? Kennedy, I genuinely have nothing to hide from you,” I naively responded.

“Alright then, ” He shrugged.

“What’s happening? You’ve been acting strangely lately,” I probed.

“Everything’s fine. No need to worry,” he reassured.

Nevertheless, his behavior left me restless and curious. He refused to divulge the cause of his unease. However, everything fell into place when, one morning, while searching for my missing earring, I stumbled upon a copy of our children’s DNA test results hidden in our room.

My heart broke knowing that my husband had doubted my fidelity, resorting to a secret DNA test. As soon as he returned from the bathroom, I confronted him.

“Do you mind explaining this?” I asked, holding up the paper.

“And, what’s that in your hand?” he inquired, approaching me.

“These are the DNA test results of our three children…”

“…Oh, that?” He casually interrupted, as if it were inconsequential.

“Kennedy, why on earth would you do something like this, as if questioning my fidelity?” I exclaimed in anger.

“Speaking of fidelity, have you been faithful to me?” He asked and I gulped caught off guard and unable to find the right words to say.

“What?!,” I finally managed to exclaim.

“Recently, your fidelity has become questionable, and I needed to confirm that you had not lied about me being the father of our children, just as you’ve lied about other things,” he said, causing me to stare at him in shock and confusion.

“Wait, what is this about? What exactly are you saying?” I asked now in a calm tone with my heart racing.

He went to his laptop, which was on the bedside cabinet, unlocked it, and began searching for something. Then, he approached me and showed me the laptop screen.

“Here, how about you explain this to me first?” he said, playing the video.

I looked at the screen and gasped, covering my mouth in shock, upon realizing it was footage from the day Daniel had kissed me at my shop, and I had failed to resist him.

“Surprised? I suppose this clarifies my recent suspicions,” he said, returning the laptop to its original position.

“How… did… You get this video?” I stammered, my body trembling.

“So, you’ve suddenly lost your voice? Ever since I watched that footage, I’ve been trying so hard to dismiss the idea of my wife sharing a kiss with another guy, but what I can’t dismiss is the suspicions that there might be more that happened between you two that I don’t know. So, I’ll ask again, is there something you would like to confess?” he asked crossing his arms with a stern expression.

“Babe, I’m sorry,” I sobbed, falling to my knees.

“Vivian,” he addressed me by name for the first time since our marriage. “I asked a question, and I need an answer. Let me rephrase it: Who is that guy? Is there something more between you two?” he pressed.

“Babe, the truth is, I’ve cut all ties with him. He was just someone who had a crush on me,” I lied convincingly.

“Really? Yet, he somehow managed to kiss you in your shop? a married woman for that matter. Does that even make sense to you? What’s worse is that you concealed it from me all this time, and what’s even more suspicious is that I watched that footage again and again and there was no moment when you pulled away from him. Your reaction to the kiss proved that it wasn’t a one-sided affection thing. It appeared to be more of a mutual kiss between two people who already had something going on,” he argued.

“Ah! Babe, please, trust me…”

“Trust you?” He scoffed, cutting me off. “I’m afraid you’ve shattered the trust that bound us together. And if you want to remain in this marriage then it’s best you come clean and tell me the entire truth that I need to know,” he declared.

For days, my husband’s behavior toward me changed, and I attempted to mend what I had broken by apologizing and reassuring him that my involvement with Daniel had never gone beyond kissing – a lie I had crafted to conceal another lie. At some point, he seemed almost convinced by my falsehoods. However, the entire truth came to light one night when, while I was fast asleep, he went through my phone and stumbled upon my conversations with my sex therapist.

He also read my story which I shared in our sex addiction recovery group chat. It was a WhatsApp group created by my sex therapist, consisting of men and women battling sex addiction.

In this group, we felt safe sharing our stories and healing journeys without fear of judgment. We did this to inspire one another, especially those who were just beginning their path to recovery.

Through this group, my husband finally learned more about my history with Daniel. He discovered that Daniel was my ex and that we had been sexually involved. This revelation shattered his remaining trust and affection for me.

I awoke the next morning to find him absent from our bed. Upon unlocking my phone, I discovered I was in our group chat, even though I was sure I hadn’t logged into WhatsApp the previous night. It was proof that my husband had gone through my phone, and all attempts to reach him were in vain as he refused to answer my calls. I went to the wardrobe to discover that he had moved out with his clothes.

To be continued…..

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