My Brother’s Wife 🔞


“Victor, feel at home okay?” My brother said to me before going to work that morning. I was a young guy aged 23. I nodded clumsily.
My brother was a banker in one of the renown banks in the country. He started working as a banker when he was 24 and now he is 38years.

Ever since i moved to his house For job hunting, I have never seen him spend much time at home. Just work,work and work!
On the other hand, his wife Sonia, was my age mate. It was obvious right from time that my Brother loves Younger girls. Sonia was a beautiful young lady. She was very hard working and to crown it all, she was a good cook. She made my first 3days in their home heavenly with her culinary skills. This made me wonder why My brother always stays out late or never spend time in the house at all. Those things were my observations when I came to the house.

It all started when my brother left home for more than 2weeks without returning. His wife told me he said he went on a business trip and he doesn’t know when he would come back. I felt pity for Sonia. She was always lonely in the and depressed. She rarely goes out unlike me who have friends in almost all the streets in the area within the few days I arrived. One fateful day, I came back home after watching a football match, I met Sonia on the couch moody. I tried to get her attention so that she could smile but to no avail.

After several attempt, she told me she was tired of the marriage because my brother never regarded her as a wife. He only married her for the chores and to take care of the house. She told me her husband has never made her happy for a day. I tried to console her as she Rested her head on my chest. We became very intimate that we didn’t know when we started kissing. It became very intensive that we found ourselves on their matrimonial bed that evening. We had raw s3x severally until she was satisfied. You could see the look on her face. She was very happy.


After the intercourse, I was ashamed of myself. I felt guilty, I stood up and went straight to my room crying like a baby. Sonia was in the room, she looked very different.She was not remorseful nor reticent of our actions.

Few hours later, she came knocking at my door. I remained in the room quiet and still sober. The thought of calling my brother to report myself came to my head but I couldn’t do it because I felt like a betrayer. Sonia kept on knocking not until I finally decided to open the door. “What’s it again?” I asked her angrily. “Look victor, I know you are feeling bad and guilty because of what transpired between us. You don’t know what it means to me. You made me feel like a woman again…” she was saying this before I slammed the door angrily at her face.

I went back to my bed with several thoughts on my mind. She came knocking at my door again but this time, I refused to attend to her. After some minutes, hunger came. I was so famished that I would accept anything as food. Right from time, I don’t joke with my stomach. It was past 11pm that day when I opened my door and sneaked to the kitchen to get some food. I discovered that she kept the pot of soup. I had no idea of where she kept it. I couldn’t control the hunger as I headed towards her room. I knocked for several minutes before she finally opened the door. I begged her to give me food and that I was famished. She told me go into the room. At first, I declined but after some minutes, I had no option than to oblige. She kept the pot of soup in the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I sat on the bed as she served me. She apologized for what transpired earlier on. She told me she enjoyed the way I handled her and that I gave no reply to. After eating, I slept off on the same bed that day not until I woke up the following day n***d on the same bed. Should I call it r@pe? Oh yes, she put something in the food in order for her to sleep with me.

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