My Brother’s Wife episode 9&10


I called my brother severally but he didn’t pick my calls. When it was lunch time at work, I tried his number again which he finally picked. Although, my anger has subsided but I was still able to challenge him base on what Sonia his wife told me. He denied the allegations made against him and when repeated that Sonia can’t lie against him he became angry on phone.

“What is your business in my family affair?” He asked me on phone and I replied him “You are my brother and I need to tell you the truth. Why are you treating this young Woman this way?” I said to him.
“Victor, are you normal? Have you forgotten that you are speaking to me? What business do you have with my wife?” He flooded me with questions which became rhetorical to me. “ So because you are working in a big company now you feel you can just talk to me anyhow like your Junior brother or errand boy?” He said with a shaky voice.

“ see brother, you are taking this thing too far. I am only telling you the truth. You can’t be sleeping with your maid under your wife’s nose. It’s wrong and humiliating to her. It’s not done” I replied him bodily. That was the first time I will ever speak to him that day. I made sure my words wasn’t disrespectful because my brother counts every advise as insult irrespective of the person giving him the advise.
We continued with our conversation “ You know what, I can’t continue having this conversation with you because I won’t endure you humiliating me with words” He said as he hang up the call.

I spent more than my lunch time speaking to him so I couldn’t eat lunch, bought my favourite snacks meat pie and Chivita Active and resumed back to work. Few minutes later, Sonia sent me pictures of her brutalized face with bruises and injuries all over her body. I couldn’t believe my brother went all the way from work to beat his wife at home. I became angry. I called my brother immediately but he busied my line.


Sonia’s phone rang severally but she didn’t pick my calls. I became worried. I couldn’t concentrate at work and I couldn’t leave because my task was cumbersome that day.

Few minutes later, A strange number called. I declined the call. I don’t pick calls from strange numbers due to my past experience. The number keeps calling and Finally, I picked it. It was Sonia. She was crying profusely on phone. She told me My brother had destroyed her phones with the one I bought for her. He also threw her bags outside telling her to leave.
I asked her if the pregnancy was still in good condition and she said Yes. I was somewhat relieved.

Hence, I became furious, I picked up my phone to call my brother again but his number was busy. I called the same number Sonia used to speak to me, she picked it and I asked her about her next move. She told me She was confused because She can’t go home. Her parents will send her back to her husband’s house.
“Do you mind coming to my apartment?” I asked her and She replied “Yes”.

I called my Uber driver, gave him my keys and told him to go pick her and take her to my Apartment which he did.

I rushed home that day after work. I met Sonia in the sitting room seeing a movie. She was so relieved. I was happy because she was happy but I didn’t like the bruises and injuries on her delicate skin. She hugged me tightly as she gave me a k!ss on my lip. She abandoned her movie, helped me to take my brief case inside as I followed her. She left the room and went down stairs as I take my bath.

After taken my bath, I went downstairs to see her, She had already set the Dinning. Yes, it was my favourite swallow Golden penny semovita and Egusi soup with the assorted meat I kept in my fridge for weeks looking for someone to cook it for me. It was the best meal I ate ever since I moved down to the house because it was well prepare. Sonia was a good cook.

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