My Brother’s Wife episode 7&8


Few weeks later, I applied for a Job online for the post of An Accountant in One of the Oil companies in Nigeria. After several interview, I secured the Job. I was very excited and Sonia was happy for me too. I called my Parents to Tell them and they were very happy for me as My Mom sang praises and worship on phone. The only person that was not really happy was my Brother. It wasn’t a surprise for me because My brother has always been like that right from time.

I could remember my primary school days when I bring home Prize given to me in school for taking first position in class, he would criticize me and complained that It was because intelligent pupils were not in my school. He believed he was better than everyone.

Few days after I had done the necessary requirements for me to resume for my new Job in Lekki, I informed Sonia that I would visit home before resuming fully to my new Job.

She wasn’t happy that I was leaving. In fact, she told me to come back after visiting my parents so that I will be going to work from their house.
I would have consented to the idea but My brother’s house was in Omole phase 2 in Lagos. Going to Lekki from Omole everyday won’t be easy for me. In like manner, I told Sonia I would think about it even though I knew it wasn’t possible.

The following day, I travelled back home to Abeokuta where our parents built their house.

Sonia would not let me rest this period. She would disturb me with calls and make me talk to her for hours. Telling me how the unborn baby was kicking in her tommy. We would laugh uncontrollably. It got to a point where my mom suspected what was going on. I had to lie to her that she just called to say hi to me.

Days passed by as I resumed to my Job duties. I rented an apartment closed to the company where I work. Sonia felt disappointed but I begged her and told her it was the best thing for me to do. I advised her to get a maid as I will visit her often…


It felt good to have a Job. I was earning triple of what my brother earns at that particular time. Sonia would call me severally to tell me how much she missed me and how she has been lonely in the house without a companion and help. I felt for her and I advised her to get a maid which she agreed.

I connected her to a young lady who was ready to work for Sonia as a house help but my Brother refused. According to Sonia, My brother told her She is a full house wife and He can’t be feeding two women in his house. But my brother gave her condition which was that Sonia will be the one paying Salary to the House help.
She was Jobless because my Brother told her not to work. He kept her at home to be a full house wife.

Sonia was a graduate, in fact she had masters degree in Economics which she obtained from University of Ilorin. Her Dreams died immediately she got married to my brother. My brother restricted her from working or doing anything that would move her life forward as a woman.

This was not a surprise to me because My Father used to tell my sisters that “A woman’s place/office is in the kitchen” Even though our Mom worked. She was a medical scientist. Ever since my brother heard this statement from my father, he has been using it against any woman that comes his way. I could remember how Sade and Ewa left him because of this same attitude. That was where the problem started from.

When Sonia told me the condition my brother gave her to get a maid, I told her to go ahead that I will be paying salary to the maid. She was so excited. I also told her not to Tell my brother about it which she agreed.

Sonia followed my advise and hired a maid. Two weeks after the lady moved in, Sonia called me crying. It was my brother again, He slept with the maid. I was very furious. What made me angry was that as beautiful as Sonia was, my brother don’t do his manly duties to her. I picked up my phone to call him….


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