My Brother’s Wife episode 30


We all slept in our Family house that day. Dad and Mom settled their differences and everyone was happy except Brother Bode who was moody all through the night.

It was a shorter night as the next day soon arrived. The day was bright and clear. We prepared to start the meeting. We had our breakfast. I was the one that suggested that we should eat before starting the meeting because I don’t joke with my stomach. Coolvalstories We ate Yam and scrambled egg.

The meeting started around 10am that day with our Uncles Anchoring it on zoom directly from USA. The first issue that was talked about was Brother bode’s paternity. It was revealed that one of Doctor Seyi’s relatives was contacted and his address/contact was recovered. We wrote the details in a book as we proceeded to the next issue.

My Uncles settled the issue between My Dad and his wife as they both accepted their mistakes and embraced love. In like manner, My Dad was urged to take Brother Bode as his biological son for peaceful cohabitation and Mom was also urged to accept me as her Biological Son as well.

There was silence in the room for some seconds. My oldest Uncle asked Sonia who she loved and really want to be with and she chose me. She affirmed that she loves me and really want to spend the rest of her life with me. I was happy but brother Bode wasn’t.

Sonia noticed that Brother Bode wasn’t happy about her decision so she addressed him:
“Bode, I know you used to love me in the past and I loved you too. I don’t want you to see any of the decisions I will make here today to be a rivalry between us. The truth is that, Some years ago, Before our marriage, I was warned not to marry you. I was told that we weren’t meant for each other but because of the love I had for you then, I ended up being your wife. Things were not just right from the beginning and this gave me the conviction that you aren’t for me…


I fell in love with Victor and along the line I discovered that he was the one for me. I am very sorry Bode. I wish you all the best “

After Sonia’s statement, Brother Bode reiterated:
“ It’s fine Sonia. It is just sad that the Sonia i used to call mine will no longer be fine.” Tears dropped down his cheeks “I caused it. I used my hands to throw a good woman away. I pray I find someone as good as you.” He turned towards where I was sitting, moved closer to me and spoke “ Victor, keep being the good man you are. I give you guys my blessings!” He said to me.

I was shocked. I embraced him as we both hugged each other. “You will always be My Brother “ I said to him as we hugged each other again.

My Uncles gave me the go ahead. They told me to go on with my wedding preparations with Sonia who was 1 month pregnant for me at that time. I revealed to them that She was already pregnant. They called me sharp shooter as we all smiled it off.

Dad and mom gave us their blessings and Sonia’s parent consented to our marriage plan as we set a date for the big occasion.

I got married to Sonia. She became my Legally wedded wife and few months later, I was promoted at work. I became a branch manager. I used my influence to provide employment for Brother Bode in one of our branches. Few Months later, Brother Bode got married to Deborah. A lady he met at church.

We all lived happily ever after.

……………..THE END…………….

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