My Brother’s Wife episode 28&29


The discussion continued. Brother Bode revealed the reasons why he treated Sonia they way he did when she was with him. “Each time I think of forgiving you, the memories keeps coming to my head. It was difficult to forgive and forget” Brother Bode said.

“You should have let her go rather than Treating her the way you did” I replied him. Brother Bode never stopped begging not until Sonia finally affirmed that She doesn’t have any feelings for him again and that I was the only person she was in love with. She revealed that the love died the first day we started having an affair and it soon developed when she discovered that I was a nice person.

Everybody was quiet not until one of my Uncles following the meeting on Zoom from USA asked her about the paternity of the Twins.
“Victor is the biological father of my Twins” Sonia affirmed.

I brought out the DNA test result with me, presented it before everyone and it was confirmed that the Kids were mine. Brother Bode cries his eyes out but it was too late for him.

We got tired of the meeting as my Uncles gave the verdict that everyone should go home and rest as they set another day for us to finalize the issue at hand. My Dad couldn’t say anything. Mom was was quiet too as they continued staring at each other like a stranger.

I and Sonia left my Dad’s house that day as we headed straight home. When we got home, Sonia’s parents called. She declined their calls not until they called me. I couldn’t decline the call. That was the first time they will ever demand to talk to Sonia ever since Brother Bode Divorced her.

I took the phone to Sonia who refused to talk to her parents. I begged her and she agreed to talk to them. Sonia’s parent apologized to them claiming that they heard everything that transpired. They apologized to her for disowning her without hearing her own side of the story when She was divorced by Brother Bode. They also promised to support her..


Sonia forgave her parents as they reunited. Her Mom came to visit her in our apartment where she played with the kids and spent 2days with us. This made me happy as it gave me the conviction that they will finally consent if I propose to marry Sonia legally.

I couldn’t concentrate at work. I kept on thinking about the finally verdict my Uncles abroad would give. Different thoughts ran through my mind at intervals. “What if! What if!” Those were my thoughts. “What if my uncle instruct Sonia to go back to Brother Bode?” That was my major thought. I pondered on it severally before I finally prayed and committed everything into the hands of God. I was convinced that Sonia was meant to be with me in the first place. Maybe She was my destined wife who happened to be in the wrong place at the Right time with Brother Bode.

The day of the Meeting soon arrived. When I got to our family house, everywhere was divided. Mom refused to talk to Dad and Dad refused to talk to mom. It looked like a cat and rat story. I even learnt mom didn’t cook in the house since the day we were dismissed.

I ignored what was going on. I was so inquisitive about my Uncles verdict on the issue on ground. It rained that morning so the network was bad. The meeting was delayed by my Uncles because Zoom didn’t connect.

I was surprised when I saw Sonia’s parent. They also came to take part in the decision making. Mom and Dad has no option than to talk to each other with the presence of their Ex-in laws. Mom sent Sonia to the market down the street where she bought Vegatables, Fresh yam rubbers as she made Pounded Yam and Vegetable soup garnished with assorted meat for everybody present in the house that morning. I grew up to her as one of the best cooks in the world.

It was one of the best meal I ever had that period. We all enjoyed the meal including Dad that was forming Hard man. The meeting was shifted to the next day due to poor network…


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