My Brother’s Wife episode 27


Dad revealed that He made the decision to Adopt me in order for his wife to accept me without having a doubt. He connived with an agency, Paid them money and instructed them to draft an Adoption document that could convince his wife not to doubt the story he told her, that was why he did all he did.

I was sweating profusely. “So you mean mom died because of the way you treated her?” I questioned My Dad.
“I am sorry Victor, It wasn’t intentional. All I did was just to preserve my home from breaking” Dad responded.

My Uncles That were following the meeting on Zoom from USA, Queried my Dad. They were disappointed stating the fact that he didn’t tell them anything. He kept everything from them.

After some moments of silence and ambiguity, everyone’s faces became red and unfriendly. Then I reminded them about the main issue that brought up the meeting. I affirmed that I loved Sonia and I would do anything to marry her no matter what anyone thinks of me.

Mom and Dad couldn’t say anything as they keep staring at each other like a total stranger. Everywhere became cold and dull. Brother Bode went close to Sonia and knelt before her as he broke his silence:

“Sonia, I know I have wronged you. I regretted everything I made you pass you. I am using this medium to apologize for every night I made you cry and for the pains I caused you. I still love you, pls forgive me and come back to me with my kids.” Brother Bode begged Sonia as my eyes changed. I became furious.

“Which kids are you talking about?” I asked him as I smiled sheepishly. “ Mr man, for your information, those twins are mine! In fact, I have conducted DNA test to confirm their paternity before honouring this meeting. So just forget you have a wife or kids anywhere bro” I cleared him instantly…


After the tensed moment? Brother Bode begged Sonia to come back into his life. He apologized to her and begged her to forgive him.

I wasn’t patient enough to Respond to him on Sonia’s behalf. “You think you can eat your cake and have it?” I said to him as I stood up in anger and continued, “ You treated this Woman here badly when she was your wife. I witness more of those many things you made her go through. She doesn’t need to give you an answer because the answer you deserve is right in front of you”. I said to him

Brother Bode Sighed deeply. “ I understand that some men can be mean and tough but Yoruba will always say ‘Something does not happen without a cause’, I had my reasons why I treated her bad. During the early years of our marriage, there was a time I caught Sonia pants down with a man whom she claimed he was her cousin” Brother Bode accused Sonia springing forth another reaction as Sonia finally broke her silence and gave response to his statement immediately:

“I already told Victor about it. It was a big mistake I made with my ex who came visiting a month after our wedding. He told me he just wanted to say goodbye to me and in the process, he got me drunk and in my unconscious state, he went down with me.” Sonia paused and turned to Brother Bode “ You should have told me that was the reasons behind the way you treated me while I was with you. Bode, I begged you. There was nothing in this world I didn’t use to beg you. You told me you forgave me and After 2 months you changed completely. What else do you want me to do? I realized it was my mistake and I took responsibility of it.” She wanted to cry as I went close to her, held her and wiped her tears.

Brother Bode started shedding a crocodile tears. “It wasn’t just easy to forget about the incidence. Each time I saw you, the memory comes to my head and that made me treated you the way I did.” …

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