My Brother’s Wife episode 25&26


“Ehn ehn.. what happened next?” Dad shouted in frustration. As she continued in tears, Mom said:

“ when I got to the doctor’s place, being our family doctor, he told me the same lie. It was after I went close to him and promised to offer him my body if he let me know the truth. He agreed. Doctor Seyi revealed to me that there was nothing wrong with me. In fact, He told me you had low sperm count which you know about and wasn’t able to be treated at that particular time. In order to fulfill my own promise to him, We had S3xual intercourse that day.” She paused again.

“So in a nutshell, You mean Doctoris the father of Bode right?” Dad asked and mom responded “YES”. Everyone shouted “AH” in unison.
There was a big commotion in the house that day. I couldn’t believe what was happening. The main issue that brought up the meeting was suspended as secrets were leaked.

Dad fumed at mom as they both engaged in an heated argument. We couldn’t stop them. Sadness and ambiguity took over us all as everyone guided his own affairs. Dad was the first to break the silence:
“ Was that why Doctor Seyi Died of poison few hours after eating Dinner with us?” Dad asked mom as Mom shivered without saying anything. Then Dad shouted “Will you answer my question!?”
“All I did was to protect myself and my Son.When I discovered that Doctor Seyi knew that he was the father of Bode, I poisoned him” Mom revealed as everyone shouted putting our hands on her heads.

Mom continued. “ I know what I did was wrong. I wanted to tell you about it but when I discovered that You adopted your own biological Son Victor, you lied to me that You just wanted to help the child because the mother died after giving birth to him. Do you think I didn’t later find out that you are the father of Victor the child we adopted?” Mom revealed.

The whole issue was getting complicated to me. Mom revealed that Dad was my Biological father. She told Dad to explain.


The whole issue was getting complicated to me. Mom revealed that Dad was my Biological father. She explained that of a truth, I was adopted, but she found out that Dad Adopted me just to cover up the fact that he was my father. When I asked him to explain what Mummy meant to me, Dad finally spoke:

“ I think no one’s secret is safe here.” He paused. Then continued “The truth behind your adoption.” He paused again and sighed deeply as he continued “I met a young Lady in my place of work several years ago after the birth of Bode. Her name was Evelyn. Evelyn was nice to me. It was a period I had a little misunderstanding with my wife so I refused to eat her food nor take her food to work. Whenever I starved or go hungry at work, Evelyn would cook and bring me delicacies. She won my heart with food and I fell in love with her. It was a period I was going through rigorous treatment. I had low sperm count so I wasn’t scared to sleep with any lady. After several months of Dating Evelyn, a lot happened and she became pregnant. I doubted her pregnancy when she told me she was pregnant for me and that was because I knew I had low sperm count.” Dad swallowed his saliva as he continued.

“I gave her money to get rid of the baby. She promised to do so but she didn’t. When I got to know, I was angry, I treated her really bad and this led to her death after she delivered you. At the same time, I doubted the circumstances surrounding the birth of Bode but I trusted my wife and this gave me conviction that You were my son. When I heard that your mom died, I did DNA test and it came out that you were mine. The mistake I did was that I didn’t do a DNA test for Bode because I trusted my wife. I couldn’t think of any other way to convince her to accept you order than to Collaborate with an Agency, drafted a fake Adoption document and we brought you home. Dad paused.

I was sweating profusely. “So mom died because of the way you treated her?”

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