My Brother’s Wife episode 19&20


On a Saturday morning, my brother stormed my Apartment unannounced. I was washing my car in the compound. Upon sighting him, I rushed to the gate to block him.

He narrated how he has been sleeping around in his friends’ houses but they got tired of his presence and told him to leave because their wives weren’t comfortable with is presence. I asked him what brought him to my house that morning.

“The truth is you are my last hope” He said as I scratched my skull. He continued “I don’t know if I can squat in your place pending when I will sort myself out” He continues.

I shook my head. “ I am sorry brother, I may not house you at the moment because there is no space for you here” I said to him. “ Victor, what are you saying? Have you forgotten that I am your blood brother? Why will you say you can’t house me. Common you aren’t married” he said. I looked at him with bombastic side eye. “Brother Bode, It’s my house and I decide who to house and who not to” I replied him that way because his statements provoked me.

“Look brother, it is high time you stop feeling entitled to what belongs to another person. Of a truth, you are my brother and you have housed me in the past but I am sorry, this is not the best time to repay that. This house is occupied already….” As I talked, Sonia came out of the house with one of the Twins. She was shocked to see my brother and My brother was shocked to see her too.

My brother became furious. “What is Sonia doing in your house with a kid?” He asked me. I threw my face to another direction ignoring the question. “ Victor, Don’t tell me it’s what I am thinking. I remembered you told me You don’t know Sonia’s whereabout” He said again.

I broke my silence. “ Brother Bode, you own your thought so if you like, you can think anything. You didn’t see any value in her and I did” I said to him confidently.

He accused me of using juju to snatch his wife and children…


My brother accused me of using Juju to take his wife away from him. We had a very heated argument that day before he left my apartment with annoyance.

Few minutes later, My Dad called. He said my brother told him that I had Sonia in my custody all these while and I refused to tell anyone about it. I couldn’t say anything because My Dad doesn’t like his children talking back at him whenever he is conversing with them.

When he was done, I sighed deeply as I explained my own side of the story. I narrated how Sonia has been living with me ever since My brother threw her out of his house without considering that she was pregnant. My Dad queried me for not carrying him along alll these while. He said what I did was not proper and not the best thing to do.

When I noticed that he was taking the issue too far, I decided to narrate to him how everything started between Me and Sonia. I confessed to my Dad that I was the one responsible for her pregnancy and not my brother.

My Dad exclaimed! I never knew my Mom was with him. She shouted too. My Dad disagreed with what I said and when I noticed that he was getting rigid to deal with, I ended the call and threw the phone on the bed. He called back severally but I refused to pick his calls. My Mom also called Ignored their calls. I was so confused and frustrated.

When I got to work two days later, My boss called me. I looked curious as to what he wanted to see me for and when it was lunch time, I went to see him in his office.

When I got there, He told me someone came to report me to him stating that I took custody of his wife and Children. I knew it was my brother. I smiled sheepishly as I explained everything to him. He was so shocked when he heard the full story. He then advised me to stay safe and be careful of him…

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