My Brother’s Wife episode 17&18

My brother kept on asking me about Sonia and her whereabout. He asked me if I had an idea of where she stays. I gave no answer to his questions and when he noticed that I was becoming uncomfortable with the conversation, he kept quiet.

My brother told me to help him beg our parents. He said he has realized his wrongs. I told him I was going to help try talk to them on his behalf.

After spending some hours with him, I bade him goodbye as he begged me not to be far away from him. I left his house and went back home.

When I got home, I met Sonia in the sitting room watching a movie. She greeted and welcomed me warmly as we hugged each other. I narrated how I bailed my brother, drove him home and the condition I met his house. She showed no sympathy. After the discussion, I went to my room to shower as she sets the dinning for dinner.

The following day, I resumed back to work. I met a very cumbersome tasks on my table. It was as a result of my absence from work the previous day. I didn’t know where to start from but I started from somewhere.

Few minutes later, my phone rang. It was a call from my brother. He sounded troubled on phone and when I asked him what the matter was, he told me he was sacked at work that morning. He said the bank management used his ordeal against him. It was really a bad news for him. The job was all he had. There was nothing I could do than to sympathize with him as I promised to come see him at home after closing from work that day.

After closing, I was so tired that I forgot my plans of going to see my brother. I went home straight to eat and get myself refresh for the next day work…


The following day, I was to take Sonia and the kids to the hospital for postnatal and immunizations. I called my colleague at work prior to that time to stand in for me at work pending when I will return to work.

At exactly 10am, My phone rang. It was a call from an unknown number. I declined the call because I was driving. Some seconds later, the same number called. I thought it was one of our clients at work so I decided to pick the call. It was my brother. It was a bigger problem this time.

My brother told me his house has been taken. He narrated how he used his house and properties as collateral for huge loan in the bank some years before that time. He told me he lavished the money he obtained from the loan on women and wasted the rest on a business that later went bankruptcy. All his properties, including his cell phones were sealed by the bank.
This was his statement below:

“Brother, I am doomed! My house and other properties has been taken over by the bank. This happened because I couldn’t pay the sum of 40million naira loan I obtained from the bank some years ago. Right now, I am homeless and hopeless. I don’t even know what to do”

I lost my balance on the steering. We survived that day only by the grace of God. I nearly ran into a trailer. Everyone in the car was scared( Sonia and our househelp). We were all scared as we panted heavily. I parked the car properly and checked the kids and they were fine too.

I broke the news to Sonia, and she was very angry with me. That was the first argument we ever had ever since we have been living together. “How can you risk our lives because of that fool?” Sonia referred my brother to a fool. I couldn’t say anything because it wasn’t a period to argue but to thank God. I apologized to everyone as we continued our journey to the hospital.

Comedian Idorezz Lacc
Comedian Idorezz Lacc

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