My Brother’s Wife episode 15&16


Sonia and my brother parted ways after 6 years of marriage. This incidence made Sonia’s parent to denounce her as their child. It was a tough period for her and a tough period for my brother too because He had serious issue with my parents.

Dad and mom weren’t in support of the lady my brother proposed to marry so he picked up a f!ght with them, deleted their contacts and vowed never to get them involved in his matters again.

Nobody cared about Sonia, not even her family members. Everyone was against her without considering her delicate condition; her pregnancy was 7 months. It was a period she needed me the most and I stood by her.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t so easy for me. I Spent money on lot of things ranging from antenatal to buying Clothes and other things for the unborn child. X-ray revealed the gender of the baby to be a boy.

Few weeks later, she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Sonia went through a lot. She gave birth through CS. Right before my eyes. Thank God, there was no post-delivery complications. She was discharged from the hospital few days after.

It was that same week I bought my Toyota Venza car. I also received double salary promotion at work. It was a win-win period for me. I employed a nanny that would assist Sonia in taking care of the babies and that was because work was getting tedious in my office.

Few weeks later, I was scrolling through posts on my Facebook when I came across a post. The post indicated that a man be@t his wife because she brought a bast@rd to his house. I wasn’t interested in the post as I scrolled down then the name written there was my brother’s name.

I went back to check the details of the post. Yes, it was my brother. I learnt he was @rrested after brutal!zing his supposed wife because of infidelity. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Though, I wasn’t surprised.
Moments later, a call came in from F division police station…


“Good evening” the thick voice echoed on phone and I replied “Good evening sir. How may I be of Help to you?”. He introduced himself as Officer Jude from Komologbon police station. The officer told me he got my number from my brother’s phone and he has contacted his relatives including my Dad but they denied knowing him. I knew it was going to result into that because brother fought every member of the family months prior to that time.

Like the saying, “Blood is thicker than water”, I did not deny my brother. I responded well to the officer that He was my brother and asked him what I needed to do to get him out of the place. He advised me to come to the station and bail him. Thereafter, we ended the conversation.

Sonia, saw the post on Facebook. She didn’t know I already saw it. She told me about it and I told her I already knew about it. I told her everything the Officer told me. Sonia supported the idea of going to the Police station to bail him.

The following day, I took permission from work as I headed straight to the police station. I couldn’t recognize my brother when I got there. The police men had de@lt severely with him with injur!es on his face. This time, he was humble as he gave me a warm greeting.

The first thing I did at the police was to get him good food to eat because I learnt he hadn’t taken any good meal since he was apprehended. After this, I paid for his bail and drove him to his house in my car.

When we got to the house, It was empty as both the House maid and the supposed wife had packed out of the house. I assisted him to his room as I helped him with other things he needed. I spent 30 minutes in the house where he was becoming too friendly. When I noticed that he was trying to involve Sonia to our conversation, I became uncomfortable. He was asking me about her and if she aborted her pregnancy or not which I gave no answer to….


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