My brother’s wife episode 13&14


I couldn’t imagined what my brother has turned into. He was never a womanizer right from our growing days. The only attitude peculiar to him was Stubbornness. He was very stubborn but reticent.

When I got home that, I met Sonia in the sitting room watching a Tv program. She greeted me, assisted me in taking my brief case to the room as I sat down on the sofa worrying. I was just thinking about the mess my brother was causing that period.

Sonia noticed that I was worried. She pestered me with questions so I could tell her what was going through my mind but I lied to her. I told her that the stress I faced at work made me look that way. She believed me as she helped me to remove my jacket and told me to go shower.

I went upstairs to take my bath. after bathing, I called My Dad. I asked him if my brother told him anything which he said No. Then I concluded that Our parents weren’t aware that my brother sent his wife packing. My Dad asked me if anything was wrong and I told him No. I Didn’t bother to speak with Mom afterward.

After ending the the phone conversation, I went down stairs to eat. Sonia prepared Vegetable soup and Wheat swallow which she served on the dinning. We both ate the food in the same plate. After the meal, I base her good night as I walked towards my room but she insisted we sleep in the same room that day. I couldn’t decline her because she was all over me. I held her waist as I led her to my room.

The following morning, my brother called. He warned me to stay aware from anything that concerns him. I told him what the housemaid told me and he told me it was none of my business. I wanted to tell him about Sonia but He told me never to mention her name in his ears again. He vowed not to have anything to do with her again.

Later that week, My brother called Sonia, it was on a Saturday so we were both in the house. Their conversation was so serious that I became Jealous….


The conversation between Sonia and my brother made me worry. She laughed uncontrollably. I wasn’t close to her to know what they were talking about.

I walked to and fro in front of her for her to know I was getting uncomfortable with her conversation. After some minutes, she ended the call. She turned towards me “ can you imagine!” She said to me.
I was angry as I kept mute and didn’t look at her. In my mind, I was thinking Sonia wanted to use me to heal.

She noticed my attitude towards her. She stood up from where she was and came to sit beside me. She wrapped her hands around my neck and when she notice that I was acting cold, she reacted, “ was it because of the phone conversation I had with your brother that’s making you act this way?” She said as she removed her hand from my neck and adjusted her sitting position as she continued “Look Victor, You know I can’t do anything without consulting you first”. I looked at her with my side eye as she continued “I was laughing because your Brother Said He wanted a divorce”. My mood changed immediately. I sat up. “Do you mean it?” I questioned her.

“Yes of course! He also denied having anything to do with my pregnancy “ Sonia said.
“That’s a good news” I responded to her “ or you still want to go back to his house?” I asked her.
“Look Victor, the problem now are my parents. Firstly, they won’t support me to divorce my husband because of the shame it will bring to them in their church” Sonia said wearing a sad look.
“Sonia, like I always say, you are a good woman that deserves the best. You just have to stand up for yourself and do what will make you happy irrespective of what others may say” I said to her.

She looked at my face “ Do you think Your parent will support you to marry me if your brother divorces me?” She asked me. The question looked rhetorical to me but I couldn’t escape it order than to give her a reply “Let’s wait till then”…


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