My brother’s wife episode 11&12


After eating that day, Sonia rested on my chest on the sofa. I forgot she was my Brother’s wife. She felt so safe with me. It was at that point I realized that good women deserves a good men.

We both slept off on the Sofa before I woke up around 8:30pm. She was so tired so I carried her to the visitor’s room. I stepped out of the house to go get Some drugs for her at a nearby Pharmacy. The pharmacy was next to a big supermarket in my area at Lekki so I branched the supermarket to get her a brand new Phone.

When I returned to the house, she was fast asleep so I didn’t bother to wake her as I kept the drugs and other things I bought for her on the dinning. I was so tired as I returned back to my room and retired to bed.

The following day, I woke up late. I was supposed to resume work 9:30am that day and by 8:30am, I was still in bed. God and my alarm woke me up. I stood up instantly, checked the time and rushed to the bathroom. As a legend, I spent just 15minutes to get myself ready for work. I supported the rest with Deodorants, carried my brief case and went downstairs.

I wanted to go wake Sonia but she was already awake. She had cleaned the whole house, made lunch for me to take to work and packed it in a lunch pack. I was impressed. I went straight to the dinning where I kept what I bought for her the previous day and presented the Phone to her. She was so happy as she jumped up and hugged. You could see the excitement on her face and the smile that brightens her beauty. I stared at her for some seconds (imagination wan wound me). I wished I was the one that married her right from time.
I handed over the drugs to her, carried my lunch pack and bade her goodbye.

When I got to the office, I tried my brother’s number. This time, it ranged and after some seconds, he picked it. “Ehn ehn!, what is it again?” He questioned me…


“Ehn ehn… what’s the matter again?” My brother said without responding to my salutation. “Egbon, I really dine like how you are treat your….” He didn’t let me finish my statement before cutting the call.

During lunch, I called Sonia to know if she was good. She sounded so relaxed on phone. She told me she had been watching movies and sleeping since I left the house. We joked about her pregnancy as she said the boy was kicking. I told her I don’t want a stubborn boy like my brother but I want a girl that will grow to become a good woman like her. We laughed uncontrollably till I finished my lunch. After lunch, I resumed back to work to complete my task.

I closed early that day. I headed straight to my brother’s house to see him. I knew it wasn’t proper to have my brother’s wife under my room but the situation warranted it.

When I got to my brother’s house, he wasn’t home but I met 2 women in the house. One sat on the cough, she introduced herself as the housemaid, the second one emerged from the room and she introduced herself as peace. She told me she was my brother’s wife. I couldn’t control my laughter as I made it clear to her that I don’t know her as a wife to my brother. She told me she was already pregnant for him.
It was at that point I realized that Dhe was the one my brother saved her number as Emeka mechanic months prior to that time.

She sounded so witty and mean. You could sense Rudeness all over her countenance. Upon realizing this, I decided not to trade words with her to avoid further disrespect.

I turned to the house maid and told her to tell my brother that I can to see him when he arrives which she nodded obediently to. I was at the gate when she ran after me. She whispered something to my ear. I couldn’t believe my ears. She told me she was pregnant for my brother too. I was shocked as I gave her my contact to call me so we could talk better on phone.


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