Must I be a virgin


Episode 1

Babies are born to be loved and cherished by their parents and people around them.But why is mine different, why is my life miserable, nothing ever goes the way I want.Sobbing

My name is Olamide,but people called me Ola. I lost my parents at the age of 2, I was told they were involved in an accident which leads to their sudden death.

My aunty do call me a witch that killed her parents, I was the only child of my parents which means I have no siblings, living with my aunty was hell.

I started menstruating at the age of 10, I noticed my pant was wet and decided to check. I saw blood and was scared to death, cos my aunty never educate me on that.

I told her and she immediately tore a sheet of paper that I should put it in my pant. I obeyed but after some minutes I was uncomfortable and my gown was stained with blood.

My neighbour iya kaffy gave me tissue when she saw my stained clothes. All the little children in my compound started laughing cos the paper dropped on the floor.

Later in the day my aunty saw the tissue when I wanted to pee, she slapped me and angrily threw the tissue away, I was given another paper .Throughout that day, she was showing annoyance and displeasure.


Episode 2

My aunty daughter ikeoluwa was the real definition of evil and wickedness, she was mean just like her mum.

Living with her and my aunty caused me pains and suffering.

Though I was a year older than her, but my aunty forced me to be calling her sister Ike. I do complied to all my aunty’s wishes.

I clocked 15 and things started changing. Firstly my aunty started ringing it to my ears to bring home a suitor. imagine

Secondly she stopped me from going to school. I was about writing my senior Waec, her complained was she has no money to help me further my education. While her own daughter wrote Waec the following year.

I accepted that as my faith, but telling me to bring home a suitor is what I can never accept.

My aunty was a divorcĂ©e, she divorced her husband when her mother in-law came to visit us,she never want the old woman in her house, she would starved the woman and also give false statement to her husband that whenever she gives mama food, she would disposed it in the waste bin and mama do tell her she preferred drinking water than eating her food, all in the name of she doesn’t want her in her house.

Her daughter Ike was was always in support of her false accusation.

On day, her husband was fortunate to come home early like never before. He met mama outside drinking garri and angrily went inside only to see my selfish aunty eating rice and chicken served with chewed soft drink. I was busy mopping the kitchen tiles when her husband walked in.

As for me I’m used to eating leftover food, my aunty would eat and passed me the leftover. He was surprised seeing his wife eating rice and chicken while his mun was outside drinking garri without sugar.

He attacked my aunty with various questions, my aunty wanted to lie as usual the mama disposed her food, but was dumbfounded because her husband told her to bring the waste bin.

Olohun to mun won( God don catch. am) I was laughing because everything seems like drama to me.

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