Mother shocked as 2-year-old son finishes large quantity of food in his lunchbox (VIDEO)

A Nigerian mother couldn’t believe how her 2 yrs old son could finish the amount of food she packs for him to school daily.

Sharing on TikTok, the mother who identifies as @blackmorenz_hair shared a video of the food her 2-year-old toddler takes to school and how he came back with an empty lunchbox.

Surprisingly, the toddler always came back home with an empty and neat lunchbox; his mother was amazed that her toddler was able to finish such an amount of food. She shared that the act happened repeatedly for two days.

The video captures that the Nigerian mother often packs varieties of food and fruits with goodies for her son in different compartments of his lunchbox.

The surprising video has ignited lots of speculations as viewers concurred that his teacher could be eating his food. Some noted that the mother was feeding her child and his teacher while others criticized the mother for packing large amounts of food for the toddler.

Social media users disclosed that modern schools have increased the number of school breaks for toddlers as they now have breakfast breaks, brunch breaks, and lunch breaks.

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