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  1. This was a life teaching masterpiece it teaches what many young girls and even boys are going through in life. It was thrilling and saddening at the same time.
    Good work

  2. It has been an interesting story and educative and i learn to listen to what an being told by my elders…. Mx God bless you and we need more stories thx alot..

  3. Omo, tribapay exchange rate is really on the high side, they charge 770/$ plus 1$ and 1% of whatever amount you are putting in your virtual card

  4. this story indeed is spirit inclined.. i go flee from lust but lord i can not do it on my own i need you lord

  5. The white men brought Quran and Bible to we the blacks, yet you will never see a white man stricting their children whatsoever.What are we blacks doing to ourselves, all in the name of religion.

  6. I dnt really knw our problems with our EX,let ur ex b ur ex no matter what he has done either gud or bad if truly if he or she is meant 4 u he or she wont b ur ex.

  7. Well written and annoying story abegโ€ฆ..the lady deserves better, that guy (the husband ) is very stupid

    1. Exactly! What a shame! He had sex with her wife bestie thatโ€™s too much abeg ๐Ÿ˜ก

  8. I really love this blessed story, please can I get a copy. Please how do I dm you?

  9. God bless the talented author for this wonderful story,i learnt a lot from it,as if d story is meant for me,more wisdom, understanding and knowledge,

  10. God continue to bless you for this lesson u inculcated to many individuals out there
    This article is also a moral lesson to people who fade the voice of God as pastor Elijah did.

  11. Twist twist twist and twist at the last minutes anyway marvolous story

  12. Don’t make any stupid move with your brother’s money because of love

  13. Don’t listen to Alfonso at all if not you will be in a deep shit with your brother

  14. Thank to this wonderful story, may God bless the writer and more wisdom in Jesus name

  15. Stella I think you haven’t learnt anything from your past mistakes with Mike

  16. Tony thanks for coming back to your senses, but let us observe these: we shouldn’t always give our ex any chances in our lives if not they will destroy you oneday

  17. Wow! Itโ€™s really a hasten decision. Really learnt a lot from this. Well done, your life will return back to normal IJN. God will show you mercy.

  18. I love this story and Jennifer, I’m happy you ended up with your heart love

  19. You are in deep shit Paul your joystick dey put you for as you dey see am so

  20. I don’t like the ending at all, how can you end with Celine

  21. Becareful not to serve that drink in the fridge to Clara

  22. I thank God no body died and the secret faraway from Clara

  23. Good work, more inks to your pen.
    The story is breathtaking and I love it hope to see more from you

  24. Some secrets are been reveiled here and more are yet to come

  25. Hey what is going on here, who is in danger Frank or Fatai Lion?

  26. To be wise one have to learn the principles of wisdom, thanks for that write up.May God bless you

  27. Nancy is a loosehole that is why she left her husband without investigation likewise the man too

  28. Somebody who can’t remember a thing can now remember someone birthday without her{Sandra} telling him(David) any birthday date, this tory na wa ooo

  29. Elizabeth, see your life you small girl trying to seduce an innocent person shame on you

  30. Akor’s death is sad, may his soul rest in peace.But Peter makes me lauth in this story alot

  31. I think this is a trap to know Deji’s feelings towards Roseline

  32. Jeremy you didn’t try at all for beating someone’s dauther to death and trying decieve another one

  33. This is a good story work author. I wished i had money to sponsor art works like this. It would be epic

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this interesting story to us. God bless you. To my fellow brethren “i love you all more than i love myself but GOD LOVES YOU BETTER.

  35. This book is amazing. I learnt that marriage is an institution created by God and not by friends or our parents and that we should always go to God in prayers concerning our marriage and not allow a third party I the marriage.

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  37. I love everything the story portray and it has helped me to understand that the fact that a Christian falls is not the end of it all for him or her ,if they give the wheel of their life to Jesus totally.
    But above all I love this story @ author weldone ๐Ÿ‘ and God bless you.

  38. Well i have nothing to say. You don’t want us to judge you. I have no comment. God bless you for sharing this with us though.

    1. When I started reading this story I was in pains and tears, but I thank God at the end give me the shock ๐Ÿ˜ฒ of my life,am very happy everything has ended well,but am not really happy because chief and Sharon didn’t face their consequences,mike and William supposed to learn from this, that the patience dog ๐Ÿ• eat the fattest bone ๐Ÿฆด๐Ÿ— even we that is reading this story too should learn from this, that is only God that had a final sake,once again thank you God for bless this woman with everlasting joy ๐Ÿ˜Š and happiness. And I know you will still bless those that need it in reality.

    1. Wait all the assault, your being an agent doesn’t show in your moves, every attack on you, you have advantage of surprise, but too careless to use it, being familiar with with Arms,yet you have no struggle for survival,the first time they captured you upon you had every advantage to bring them down, and they captured you without passing the knowledge to your agency, you can’t even protect yourself upon you were with Arms, you yourself need protection if ordinary civilian can come to your house and take your life, that’s too bad

  39. Good to back on here for a nice read.

    This was a good and engaging story to get back with

  40. Wonderful ๐Ÿ˜Š wonderful ๐Ÿ˜Š wonderful msg and information. Am really encouraged, but for real people are wicked, even those u put so much trust can turn around within a second. Above all I see women owe to be loved, they left their people because of we men, plz let’s be parents, brothers sister and a whole round relative to our wives.

  41. Beautiful just beautiful got hooked from episode one. Thank you for allowing us to read such a beautiful story.

  42. Thanks for d story , more ink to your pen.
    Please when is the second season coming out, I’ve been waiting endlessly…