Love & Pleasure πŸ”ž

Episode 1

Tony looked at the wedding invitation card again and smiled. He will finally become a married man tomorrow. He was busy searching for something in the bedroom when he found it. ‘Conjugal Bliss, Angela Weds Tony ‘

The house was already crowded with inlaws, family members and friends. Everyone contributing their own quota to make sure the wedding ceremony goes well the next day.

Tony sighed and sat down. He was skeptical about this marriage. He knew he wasn’t ready but he had to do it. His mother wouldn’t let him be. He was old enough to get married actually but the circumstances surrounding him had always compelled him to wait for a better time. Angela was all he needed in aΒ  woman and he had the resources to take good care of her. He lifted up his head and whispered some words of prayer.

The preparations were going on fine. The house and his spacious compound has already been decorated. The kitchen was very busy with cooking activities while Angela was in one part of the compound being attended to by a hair stylist. She had worked on the hair all day. The way Angela’s face lit up all through the plaiting process proved that she was the happiest woman alive. The thought of becoming a married woman excited her more anyone else. She didn’t play any role in the cooking and other preparations. She was told to relax and get her hair done for her happy day.

Tony was walking round the compound observing everything. He sighted his soon to be wife as she waved at him from afar and went towards her direction.

He complimented the beautiful hair, ran his fingers across it and planted a kiss on her lips.

As he was about leaving, she beckoned on him to give her another kiss. She did that by pointing her middle finger to her lips with a charming smile; a smile that defined happiness. He held her closely this time and gave her some good kiss. He knew how to turn her on with his kisses. He avoided it at that particular time because he knew she was busy. Angela did not care about the girl standing there waiting to continue with her work because with the kind of joy she was feeling that very moment, she could hold him down and make some good love to him there not minding the people around. Tony whispered slowly into her ears to relax and finish her hair first before she agreed to let him go.

He headed straight to one of the hotels he normally spends time with his friends. They were there already with some bottles of beer on their table before he arrived. Ike and Paul were the only true friends he had. They rolled together and knew each others secrets.

They visit the hotel once in a while to have some good time. They drink and pick girls of their choice who stroll around the premises. The girls do not live in the hotel rooms but they normally come there to hustle. When a man agrees on price with them, he will proceed to pay for the room they will use.


“Mr. Tony. You are highly welcome my brother ” Ike smiled as he shook hands with them.

“It’s aΒ  good thing you are doing this before us so that by the time we are ready, we will come to you for past questions so that we won’t fail because I heard the marriage journey is not a small one” Paul added and they laughed over it.

“First of all, I’m not yet married so I am not Mr. Tony and secondly, the past questions, you will have to pay for them when the time comes ” Tony said and opened one bottle of beer.

“Oga today and tomorrow is the same thing. You are Mr Tony ” Ike maintained.

Paul explained to Tony that they called him out to celebrate his wedding eve with him there being one of their favourite hangout before finally coming over to his house for the wedding eve celebrations.

They ordered for more bottles and talked on various issues until it was evening. The runs girls who normally come there to hustle could be seen coming in ones and twos.

For the fact that they frequent that hotel, they have different girls who usually come to them whenever they are around and that evening was not different.

Three beautiful ladies worked up to them and sat on their laps. They were already high on alcohol. The norm was that once they pick the girls they want, they all go their separate ways to sort out themselves in different rooms but they must gather together again before finally leaving for their various homes.


“This could be the last night you will do this because as from tomorrow, the story will change ” Paul said looking up above. He didn’t want the girls to know what he was talking about but the message was well passed.

Tony knew he had a battle to fight. How can he drop this lifestyle overnight?Β  He looked at the girl sitting on his laps, rubbing his beards and smiling sexily at him. She has all the figures and curves. Her big booty which pressed against his d**k made it raise it’s head underneath his trouser. She took his hands from behind and placed them on her chest. She was wearing a dress that revealed her b*****s. With his hands on her chest, the b*****s were in his hands. He squeezed them as she moved her a*s on his d**k making it throb the more. She added more effort when she noticed that his two friends has gone inside with the girls that came to them. She wondered if she didn’t appeal to him or not. Talking of being sexy and curvy, she beat them hands down.

” Is there any problem?Β  You can talk to me ” She asked almost in aΒ  whisper. She noticed that he was already hard but couldn’t explain why he wasn’t making any move. His hands was no longer on her b*****s again.She decided to go deeper. She turned around and sat on his laps facing him. She reachedΒ  for his belt, loosened it and tried to slide her right hand into his trouser to touch his d**k. She was about locating it when Tony held her hand. He was confused. He wants to do this but his spirit told him not to. Angela is waiting for him at home. From the way she kissed him some moments ago, it was obvious she needs him.

“How much is your charge ” He finally asked her.

“Ah ah you know na. This is not the first time you will be f*****g me. You have fucked me for more than twice na. Let’s go please. I will ease your mind and make you forget your worries because I sense there is something bothering you ” She told him.

Tony brought out some money and gave her . She was surprised. For all the times Tony did anything with her, he paid after using her. All the same, she took the money and tried to get him to stand up so they can go in and get a room.

“Nwanyi oma remind me that your name again ” Tony touched her hair and ran his hands down her back to her waist, trying to make her believe there is no problem at all.

” Amanda ”

“Oh yes Amanda. IΒ  am not feeling too well and won’t want to stress myself for the sake of my health. Take the money and go. There will be another time ”

Tony was able to discharge her. He had to start learning how to stop sleeping around and stick to Angela which will take only the grace of God.

He was still sipping his beer waiting for his friends to come back. He didn’t expect them to be back so soon because they have all been drinking Legend stout so releasing their load will take like eternity.Β  Sometimes they pity their victims and let them go without cuming because if they continue, the girls might not be able to receive another d**k into their p***y that day again due to pains. He remembered how one girl he took inside one day begged him to have mercy on her and pay her half of the money they agreed on, saying that her p***y is on fire due to the way he fucked her for close to one hour without cuming and the agreement was that payment will be made after releasing. He was still reminiscing when a text message entered his phone.

It was from his Madam at work.

“Meet me at Orlando hotel,room 25. Be there in 30 minutes “

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