Love & Pleasure episode 9


Episode 9

Tony closed his office door and checked the time. It was 2pm and Madam Veronica wanted him to come to a certain hotel she texted him. Tony didn’t want to go. He wanted to call her and say ” Hey woman, I am not coming ” but he couldn’t. He already wasted so much time but he didn’t bother about what she will say. He had many reasons for not wanting to go. He made love to his wife last night and in the morning before leaving for work, so he was tired and having s*x With anybody now was the last thing on his mind. He consoled himself that it will soon be over. After they are done with Ebere, she will be next and they must be fast about it. He smiled when a thought flashed through his mind that this might be the last time she will use him before she becomes a thing of the past.

He had driven for about 20 minutes when he noticed a particular car turning to every direction he went. At first something told him he was being traced. Could it be his wife or who?  No someone can’t be tracing him. It could be a coincidence. The person might be going the same place he was heading to. His mind settled down when he saw the car stop moving although he was close to the hotel.

He alighted from the car and stood by the corner for a few minutes to be very sure it wasn’t his wife. When his spirit told him to move ahead, he barged in. He needed to do whatever he had to do and get out in time.

“Tony you have the effrontery, the temerity. You have the audacity to keep me waiting here for you. Are you out of your mind? ” She sparked outrage.

“But I am here now. Did you even bother to find out what kept me? ” Tony replied looking away, not bothered at all.

“Nothing kept you. You are only growing wings. You are growing feathers but I want you to remember that the Okro tree cannot grow taller than its owner. Tony don’t upset me. I will f**k you up if you do Tony” She stopped talking and looked at him with anger. She knew nothing held him from coming on time. He just decided to come at his own time keeping her waiting. Could it be that this boy is losing respect for me?  She thought.

“Tony what really is the problem?  I thought you know what you should be doing by now. Haba now” Her voice was calm this time.

“What if I don’t have strength now ? You don’t even think about that” Tony said.

“It’s not a problem. They sell energy drinks here and food too. I have an appointment to meet up with in the next one hour ” She was trying her possible best to get out of her anger mood.

Tony didn’t want to waste any time here. He watched her pull her gown leaving only her black bra and red pant. She spreadt her legs wide open as she lay on the bed. This is one of those days that she needed it badly. She saw his chest as he stood there n***d. Those strong chests were a big turn on for her. She took her eyes down to his manhood. It wasn’t properly erect but it was springing to life and in no distant time she knew it will come to its best; as hard as steel. She beckoned on him to come and rubbed her hands on his d**k.

“You know you are a handsome man Tony and very energetic in bed. Who doesn’t like good things. You are a real man Tony and I envy your wife ” She told him sounding so real. It came as a little surprise. Tony never expected that. She had always commanded him to f**k her without talking to him nicely. She drew his head closer to her b*****s and unhooked the bra barring it from displaying fully. Tony sucked on the left b****t. It was so huge and soft. The way he wanted it. As he sucked on it passionately, she was rubbing his head. It all send notifications down to his joystick as it rose to its full length. Madam Veronica could feel it. She begged Tony to s**k a p***y a little bit before inserting that hard rod.

Tony used his two thumbs to separate the p***y, seeing the inside clearly. He put in his mouth and sucked her inner part. He ate her like an animal. Used his tongue to lick every part of it. The p***y was always need and he silently praised her for that. She’s a big woman and knew how to take care of herself.

She knew that if he continued she would cùm so she told him to put it in because she wanted to feel that d**k inside and wanted to have it there while cumming.

Her mouth opened in excitement when he finally slotted it in. Tony had a  nice way of inserting his d**k. He will put it in and press himself harder as if looking for the dead end of the p***y with his d**k. He will then let the d**k rest there for few seconds before he starts going in and out professionally.

He ravaged her like an angry bull as she kept m*****g out loudly not minding if people heard her voice from outside the corridor.

Tony rotated his d**k in different motions. Stirring her honeypot pot the way he stirred his pot when he was still a bachelor. He stirred it vigorously before taking out any soup.

He was hitting her with reckless abadon and she kept m*****g for the whole hotel. Nobody who came close to the room would deny hearing the loud moans. Tony was still delivering the hard hits when a hard bang  came on the door. He stopped banging immediately and the m*****g ceased.

The loud knock came again angrily.

Tony jumped down from the bed and started looking for his clothes. He put on his boxers and trouser and reached for his shirt. He remembered the car following him. That must be his wife he thought. Madam Veronica too was restive. She wore her own dress with the speed of light. Could it be her husband?  How on earth did he find out she was there?

The knocking didn’t stop. Madam Veronica and Tony were already dressed. Who would speak and who could be knocking. Whomever it was had already heard everything. The m*****g and the sound of Tony hitting the p***y hard was clearly heard.

Madam Veronica arranged her clothes again, looked at the frightened Tony, looked at the door and finally asked

“Who is that?  Who are you and what do you want? “

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