Love & Pleasure episode 8


Episode 8

Tony maintained he was coming from the office. She believed because he never lied to her before. She took his bag and hugged him again. Just then she saw lips on his collar. It wasn’t her color.

“Where did you say you are coming from, Tony? ” She asked again pulling away from him. Tony looked up the ceiling and down. He lifted up his face again and saw tears trickling down her face. This made him sad. He tried to hold her.

“Don’t touch me, Angela shouted, pushing him away from her, you are seeing another woman Tony. This marriage is not up to a month. Why are you doing this to me? For how long has this been going on ?Tony why? I trusted you ” She bursted into uncontrollable tears .

“There is no woman anywhere. Don’t jump into conclusions. You are the only woman in my life and you know it. Again, I want you to know that whatever I do, I do it because I love you. I do it because I want you to be happy. I don’t want anything to alter our happy union and I will fight with the last drop of my blood to conquer any external forces that may rise against us….”

“Who owns this red lips on your clothes? ” Angela cut him short.

“Allow me to explain honey, seeing you cry breaks my heart ” He moved closer to her again. This time she didn’t push him away. He gently wiped her tears and urged her to stop crying assuring her that he can never leave her at home and run after any woman.

He told her he branched to a colleague’s birthday party which he hosted in a hotel. He said he only spent 30 minutes there and left knowing he has a beautiful woman at home. Tony had a way of getting people to believe whatever he said and Angela was no exception. He conceded that yes, a certain girl at the party was all over him trying to get him but he paid her no attention. He capped it all by saying that he left the hotel because of the girl notwithstanding that the party was just getting started and moreover because he didn’t tell About the party earlier.



” Tony, Ebere’s case is a small case. Na moi moi case. If you will do what I will suggest for you, her matter will be forgotten once ” Paul said looking at his friend who was looking so confused.

“You said your wife almost found out about you seeing another woman and you think she will stop there? Women are detectives if you don’t know. Once she starts tracking your movements now, if she doesn’t find out about Ebere, she will uncover your affair with Madam Veronica so we must act fast before it is too late but as it stands, Ebere will be solved first because her case is easier to treat” Ike added.

“You guys are the only friends I have and I know you want the best for me. Please tell me what it is you guys think I should do now to solve this problem” Tony Said.

Paul moved over to Ike and whispered something to his ears. They talked for some more seconds and they both nodded. Tony watched on wondering what they could be planning. He knows the kind of friends he has. Go getters and problem solvers. They can solve problems both genuinely and dirtily.

Paul went back to his seat. There were no drinks today. Tony pleaded with them to leave drinks till when they are done talking. He had narrated to them everything Ebere told him. Ike was against it. He insisted that Tony might not even be responsible for the pregnancy and demanding for s*x from him regularly is a no no when he has a wife at home. Ebere wants to destroy Tony’s marriage, he concluded.

“Tony, you will poison her drink and get her out of the way? ” Paul dropped the bombshell and Ike nodded in full support.

Tony shook his head in rejection of the idea. He had done many bad things before but this one was too much for him to do.

“I can’t. I can’t kill her ” Tony was still shaking his head as he spoke.

“It’s simple Tony. If you can’t do it then play along with her if that’s what you want and what ever happens, don’t tell us about it ” Paul said and finally asked if they can order for drinks now.

“If you can’t do this now, then that means you won’t consent to the same thing towards your sugar Mama. Right? “Ike asked.


“Ask him o” Paul added.

“At least I won’t be the one to kill her. We will get people to do that ” Tony explained.

“Tony you are making a mistake. Now look at it this way. If I pay someone to kill somebody for me and he killed the person. I have a hand in the death of that person also not only when I do the killing ” Ike told him.

“The ball is in your court Tony”

“Barman!!!ย  Six bottles of Legend first ”

Tony was in deep thought. He was oblivious of whatever was happening around him right after Paul told him the ball was in his court. He was there with them but his spirit was very far away. Truly, getting Ebere out of the picture Will lesson his problems . He was ready to do anything to save his young marriage from early challenges and disaster. He had killed before so this won’t be his first time. All thanks to the rugged life he lived in school and the confraternity to which he was a staunch member.

Tony and Ike noticed he was really in deep thought because his eyes were fixed to the skies above. They have both downed one bottle each and Tony had noticed that the drinks was there. They allowed him enough time to think it over. If he truly wanted to clear any obstacles to the happiness and sustainance of his tender married life, he will take the suggestion; so they thought.

A tap on his shoulder jolted him back to reality. He was surprised to see on their second bottles each.

” E shock you?ย  Barman!!! ”

“There are still two bottles here and you are ordering for more ” Tony reminded them.

“Na your own be that. You better do justice to it now because more are coming ”

Tony was not in the mood to drink anything. He looked at the drinks and hissed silently.

“These drinks no cold again. I no fit drink am” He found an excuse.

“Oga no worry, see cold one here” Ike smiled at his excuse and pointed to the barman approaching with more chilled bottles.

Tony grinned. He must drink but with the way he was feeling, he was ready to shout at any random girl that will come to him now. He could see them parading and walking up and down the hotel with their half n***d and see through dresses. He couldn’t help but wonder if that’s the career path they actually chose for themselves because they do that every day. He wondered how possible it is that these girls make much money without having a shop or goods that they sell or even an office or a company where they have a job. It’s no surprise, the little hole in between their legs brings them all the money. They can go to his friends but none of them should worry him today.

Tony gulped down the last dark liquid and dropped the bottle on the table,looked at his two friends who were busy attending to their own bottles and said

” I am ready to do it. How and when should I put the substance into her drink?”

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