Love & Pleasure episode 7



Episode 7

Ebere opened the door for Tony at the first knock . She looked better today than the last time he came around on his wedding day. She volunteered to offer him food but he declined, maintaining that he already ate at home before coming.

“It’s over two weeks and you didn’t even bother to know how I’m doing and I am very sure you wouldn’t have bothered if I didn’t reach out to you ” Ebere said.

“I didn’t forget about you and our last conversation. I’m still putting things in order ”

“Have you finished putting them in order now?  Well that is your business Tony I am not aborting this pregnancy ” She said and looked away.

“So what do you intend to do with it? ”

“That is why I have called you here Tony. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to damage my womb. If I attempt an abortion, two things are involved. I might die or damage my womb. I have already done enough ”

Tony saw she was determined to keep the baby

“So what do we do now? ” He asked.

“It’s simple. I’m not asking for too much. You will give me upkeep money from time to time to take care of myself and the unborn baby. And again I will need you from time to time to come over and make love to me. Pregnant women needs d**k regularly and I believe you know why? ”

“Ebere I’m married and you know it” Tony reminded her.

“Don’t you know you will marry another woman when you were f*****g me Tony? ”

“I gave you what you wanted. I gave you money ”

“Yes you did and that was enough reason for you to f**k me the way you liked. You fucked me with condoms when you liked and without condoms when you wish and you think money was all I wanted. What does Angela have that I don’t have? ”

Tony didn’t reply that question. He just stared at her without a word.

“I don’t want to put an assunder in your marriage but if you play well, your wife won’t find out for now. When I give birth we will know what next” She walked to the door, locked it and took the keys. Tony who still kept mute wondered what she was up to.

“Tony, you know pregnant women needs d**k right?  I need it now . Don’t worry about condoms. Give it to me raw.  No need to fear pregnancy again because I am already pregnant ” Ebere said moving closer to him.

“I can’t do this Ebere. I am married ”

“If you want to have peace in your marriage, I will advise you to grab this offer” She was now standing chest to chest with him,working on his shirt buttons. She succeeded in unbuttoning them and ran her hands on his chest. Those hairs were a turn on for her back when she thought she had him all to herself.

With a  fling, she removed her own top and her standing b*****s stood pointing at Tony’s chest. Tony couldn’t get his eyes off them. Those big b*****s are still firm and strong. She pushed them against him and the n*****s pressed to his chest. That sent a tingling sensation down his manhood. It moved once and moved again as Tony observed the huge b*****s once again. How he missed them. He let all of these go because of Angela and now, one way or the other, they are coming back to him now. He reached for those elegant and inviting b*****s and squeezed them in his palms. It’s one of her most erogenous zones and he knew it. She usually lost control whenever he sucked and squeezed them hard.

With one b****t in his mouth, he slid his hand down her honeypot. He noticed her pant was soaked already. He shifted it one side and located the promise land. It was wet the way he loved it. He ran his finger across it while still s*****g the n*****s. He kept rubbing her p***y vigorously until her legs began to shake. He grabbed her and landed her on the bed. Her c******s pointed out noticeably almost the same way his d**k was standing. He played with the c******s with his fingers and resumed the vigorous massage on her p***y until she started begging him in tears to put his d**k inside.

Tony used the tip of his joystick to brush her honeypot up and down. He did it Again and hit the p***y hard with his d**k. He was about to put it in but he stopped as if a certain spirit told him to stop.


“Please don’t stop ,Tony. Put it in. I need you please ” Angela begged.

“I don’t have any condom” He replied.

“Please don’t do this to me. I’m on. Please f**k me raw. You used to do it raw please ” She begged Again.

“That was before I got married. I have a wife now. I shouldn’t s*x another woman without protections ” Tony maintained.

Ebere begged in almost in tears and helped bend him down until she felt the d**k inside her p***y. It has been a long time she took a d**k and that made it very tight. Tony felt the tightness and hotness of her p***y as he hit her like mad dog.


“Fikpam Fikpam Fikpam ” He fired on without stop.

“Yes please continue. It’s scratching me. Don’t stop. Tear my p***y. Keep hitting it baby please don’t stop ”

Tony paid no attention to whatever she was saying. Her tight p***y blocked his auditory nerves. He never met it this tight  before.

He felt some sensation as he fired on and pulled out immediately. If he continued, he would cùm. He positioned her for d***y and did it slowly this time, savouring the soft feel of her p***y on his d**k. He wanted to go on for longer but he couldn’t control it. The p***y was so hot and tight. After some more thrusts, he released and poured his load on her a*s.


Tony got home and met his beautiful wife patiently waiting for his return. It was 10pm. He told her it was work and apologized for returning late. He went closer to give her a hug. She perceived a feminine smell on him and asked where he was coming from. He maintained it was from the office. She believed Because he never lied to her before. She took his bag and hugged him again. Just then, she saw a lips color on his collar. It wasn’t her color.

“Where did you say you are coming from? ” She asked again.

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