Love & Pleasure episode 6


Episode 6

The music was loud with different colors of light illuminating the place. Tony lifted his bottle again and sipped from it. The Legend stout which was a bitter brand now tasted sweet to him. He looked at Paul who was about to open the third bottle and shook his head.

“Oga, nobody go carry you go house. If you drink the one wey you no fit carry, OYO na your case o” Tony shouted. You have to shout here if you must be heard because of the blaring music.

Paul looked at him and laughed.

“Na this man you suppose tell that kind thing,He said pointing to Ike , as for me, I go down seven bottles here, carry babe and still go house with my two legs ”

“I no blame you. You don forget wetin happen the last time you drink 5 bottles here?  Abi make I remind you?  No dey make mouth oga ” Ike chipped in.

“Before you guys get high, let me tell you why I called you guys out here” Tony said grabbing their attention.

“Today’s outing is not just to drink and have fun. You know I am a married man now. I have called you guys out here to discuss something very important with you and I need your advice on what to do ”

“What are friends for? Tell us what it is” Paul spoke first.

Ike nodded in support of Paul.

“I should have told you guys this thing a long time ago. My marriage is being threatened because of this. My boss won’t let me be. This woman calls me anytime she wants to come satisfy her sexually and threatens to destroy all I have worked for if I refuse”

“when did this thing start?” Ike asked.

“A very long time again. It was actually something I agreed to before she gave me my job and other things that followed ”

” This should have been sorted out before thinking of getting married ”

“My mother won’t let me be. The house I leave in belongs to her. The car and almost do I break free from this woman ”

“Tony my friend this is a very difficult case and any rash decisions taken now might destroy your marriage and pull you down too. Play along with her for the main time while we figure out what to do. If it means arranging men to send her to her fore fathers I can arrange for that. Don’t forget who I am o. Na down I just calm. I am still what I am” Paul said and sipped his beer.

“And then what happens to my job?” Tony asked, surprised at his suggestion.

“Oga, at least that will save your marriage and your house plus your car. The company cannot shut down. She has a husband for goodness sake and I believe he can take over ” Ike explained to him, supporting Paul.

“What about Ebere? ” Tony asked staring at both of them.

“Who is Ebere and what about her? ” They asked in unison.

“Ebere said she is pregnant for me. She threatened to cause a drama at the church on the wedding day. I came very late to the church that day. Do you know why?

“Why? ”

“I was with her that very day trying to settle things with her until I told her I will do whatever she wants. Now who knows what she will demand from me”

“Calm down. Speak with her first and find out what she wants. It could be money ” Paul suggested.

“I want to have a happy marriage. I want Angela to be happy. I don’t want her to regret marrying me ” Tony muttered.

They barely finished Speaking when some girls approached them. Paul beckoned on the one he likes to come over. She was fair and chubby. He had concluded that these slim girls are borehole. He said they always gave him wide p***y. Ike teased him that maybe he had a small d**k, maintaining that he preferred them slim.

She approached and sat down on his laps. He was already drunk and she knew it. So the next thing will be to talk and get down to business with him so she can come out and hustle for another customer.

Tony got a text from Ebere while one of the girls was trying to showcase her assets to him. She shook her b*****s for him and turned round so he can see his a*s very well. Tony was not interested in that. He was fighting hard to stop this kind of life. He had Madam Veronica and Ebere to battle with and now, Ebere first. He must go at once.

“What’s your name ” Tony asked the girl trying to get his attention.

“I am Cassandra but you can call me Cassy or Sandra. I can give you the best f**k you never had in your life. If I f**k you finish, you go confirm me. You go collect my number. I go fučk you well. I go s**k your prick ” Tony nodded. He looked at his bottle. It was remaining little so he gulped it down because he must be on his way to Ebere anytime soon.

“Cassandra, I would have loved to see how you f**k and confirm it like you said but.. I have got somewhere to go now. Show this man the way you do it ” He pointed at Ike who was yet to pick one. Ike eyed him and said nothing.


“Guys it’s Ebere. I must go and see her now ” Tony announced.

“I can come with you if you like ” Paul offered.

“And what will happen to this pretty damsel with you ” Tony asked.

“If I return here in the next one hour or even tomorrow, I go still jam another p***y but e be like say this one dey special sha ” he said and winked at her.

Tony left.

Cassandra shifted her attention to Ike who didn’t allow her say much. He actually wanted to see if what she said was true. He got inside with her and she did well. She started by s*****g his d**k. She sucked Ike until he started m*****g like a woman. He wondered if she went to a d**k s*****g school to learn it.

When she finally started riding him, he confirmed for sure that she has a degree in s*x and f**k. She was a warrior in bed. Other girls will f**k you and when you release, it’s over but here was this girl trying to drain all the sperm in his body. He has cùm twice and still the girl was ready to receive his d**k.

She positioned herself for d***y. Ike was getting tired but the view of that a*s and the red p***y that was waiting to receive his d**k gingered him. He gently slid it inside her honeypot and let it stay there for some seconds before he started spanking it. He grabbed her a*s with his hand. He loved the way that soft booty clashed with his body

When he was about coming the third time she begged him to pour it into her mouth. He pulled out, removed the condom and she sucked him for some seconds before he poured it all into her mouth. She kept s*****g it till the very last drop. Indeed it was one of the best experience he ever had. Cassandra didn’t lie.

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