Love & Pleasure episode 13


Episode 13

The Final Episode


Tony put his face down in despair. His game was up. This was the same thing he had been trying for long to keep away from his wife for the sake of his marriage . Now Ebere is here, not only to reveal everything but to also cause some havoc.  He knew for certain that she won’t let him go after the attempt on her life. She could be dead by now if not for whatever happened.

“Mr Tony,  I am coming from the land of the dead.” Ebere said as she stepped in.

She walked straight to Angela, lifted her up from the ground and sat her down on the chair. Angela was on that chair but she was shivering all over still trying to comprehend what was happening. At first she had thought they were armed robbers but now, it seems they are not.

“So you are his wife? ” Ebere asked.

Angela nodded.

“So you are the woman that should be alive while I should be dead isn’t it? ” Ebere was bitter as she spoke. Angela still couldn’t understand what was going on.

“Did he tell you about me?” She asked again.

Angela shook her head.

“Oh he didn’t?  What kind of husband does that? ” she went over to where they made Tony sit down like a baby and asked him “You haven’t told her that you got me pregnant and tried to poison me because of her?  I guess she should be proud of you ”

It sounded strange to Angela, she wished she didn’t hear her correctly. She looked at Tony who caught her eyes and told her that he can explain.

“Yes, you can explain to her when you both meet at the other end where you wanted to send me because there is no way I am leaving both of you. You are my target but I can’t kill you and leave her. She might come after me ” She said and signaled to her boys to do the needful.

One of them pulled the trigger and shot Tony’s hand. Angela rushed over to him in tears pleading for mercy. Just then a police van drove with full speed into the compound. Paul had come in few minutes ago and seen what was happening so he called the police who arrived almost immediately.

Ebere and the men she came with made to run away but it was too late.

“Drop your weapons and put your hands on your head ” One of the police men shouted.

“This is not over yet. I promise you that ” Ebere told the bleeding Tony who laid helplessly on her wife’s body who kept screaming for help.

Ebere told her Men to calm down and hand over to the police because they haven’t killed anybody. He guaranteed them that they would all be out of police custody soon.


The police took their weapons and whisked them away in their van. Paul and Ike helped immediately and they got Tony into the car and headed for the hospital. Angela prayed all the way to the hospital for God to save her husband.

Paul and Ike took her aside for a little chat while the doctors operated on him. They told her how Tony loved her so much and how he tried to remove anything that will bring a hindrance to the happiness and sustainance of the marriage. They urged her to listen to Tony whenever he’s ready to explain things to her.

Angela asked them only one questions being if Tony truly impregnated another woman and tried to kill her. To this they replied that it might not be the way she heard it but they guaranteed her that whatever Tony did was for the good of his marriage and still insisted she waited for his explanation.


Angela was in tears for all the time she stayed in the hospital waiting for Tony to wake up. The doctors assured her that he would be fine but there was no sign of him moving or waking up. She was afraid to lose him. She didn’t want to become a widow so soon. She had not even told him about her pregnancy yet. She cannot do it all alone. She needs him by her side and would love to spend the rest of her life with him.

Her tears increased when finally Tony woke up and met her by his bed side. She knew they were tears of joy. Tony wasted no time in telling her everything. He told her how sorry he was for keeping it away from her. Angela understood he did everything for her sake and the sake of their union but she was still surprised that her darling husband can plot to kill. She tried to put it on his friends, insinuating that they must have given him that idea but Tony told him to leave them out of it.


A few days later, Tony got better and was discharged from the hospital. He went together with Angela to see Ebere. Angela had insisted that they see her and drop all the charges against her. At first Tony was against it but Angela explained that she was a woman too and understands how she (Ebere)  feels. Angela’s suggestion was that they bring her out and support her financially until she puts to bed. Tony told his friends about it and they were amazed. They never knew Angela had such a good heart.


Ebere could not believe it when Angela told her their intentions. She knew it was Angela’s idea and not Tony’s. She hugged her deeply and thanked her God for surviving going to prison with pregnancy.



The table was filled with drinks as Tony and his friends were out again enjoying in one of their usual joints. Tony had successfully programmed himself to overlook the commercial s*x workers that patrols around.

They were still drinking when they came in their usual way displaying their b*****s and all to entice them. Paul and Ike fixed their gaze at the direction of the b*****s that were being flaunted.

“Guys when una go marry sef” Tony asked both of them and they automatically removed their gaze from the focus.

“Shey na because you don marry na?  You no go let us hear word again abi. I never see who I go marry ” Paul said.

” I can’t get married now oga. It’s like leaving the club by 9pm. Let me still enjoy my life ” Ikenga said.

“Guys, you are my only friends and I will tell you what will be good for you. Get married and start building up your family now and you won’t regret it later ” Tony said and drank his last beer.


“My wife is waiting for me at home and I have to go and be with her. See you guys some other time ” He said and left.

On his way home, he used the money he normally used to pay for s*x to buy suya. He would enjoy it with his wife with some chilled drink when he gets home.

He thanked God for blessing him with a woman like Angela and solving all of his problems. His job was still intact and soon, he would be a  father.

He thanked his mother for pressuring him into getting married. Now any money he spends on his wife is not wasted and that was why he advised his friends to do same because life is too short to chase after things which do not matter. He had come to the conclusion that all p***y are the same and since his wife has got a good one,he need not pay for another or get it elsewhere.

The End.

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  1. Confused story.Tony was caught with madam Veronica, how did he get home with a swollen face he sustained from police cell?

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