Love & Pleasure episode 12

Episode 12

Tony summoned Paul and Ike and told them what was on ground.He had gone to her place to try convincing her he didn’t do anything to her but she was no where to be found. She left town and that worried him so much. He couldn’t tell what she has in mind to do next. He had tried calling her severally but he couldn’t connect with her. Tony feared she might target his wife. He was ready to accept anything but he prayed nothing happens to his wife.

His friends were even shocked to learn that the mission was not successful. They wondered how possible that could be and now no one can tell where she can be found or what she could be planning.

They decided to suspend the planned attack on madam Veronica for the main time to avoid having double complications at the same time. Their plan was to go out fully in search of Ebere or anyone who could help with her whereabouts. Her case must be settled first before they open Madam Veronica’s case but with the look of things, Ebere might have the last laugh here although they believe three heads are better than one but they couldn’t tell how many heads she may be working with.



It was a cold morning. Tony couldn’t tell if it was really that cold or if he was the only one cold. He was still in bed in the early hours of the morning. He ran his hands gently on Angela’s body, her skin was warm. He drew closer and wrapped his body with hers to tap from the warmth of her body.

“Honey your body is so cold ” Angela remarked and turned to face him, lying by the side. They were now lying side by side,face to face,wrapped together. Tony cherished the warmness of her body. He wondered why he was that cold. He felt the rhythm of her heart beat on his chest. Tony ran his hands gently on her body. Angela anticipated that. She knew how he loved early morning s*x coupled with the fact that he was cold. He would stop at nothing until he makes love to her this morning and she was equally ready for that.

Angela removed her night wear go to give him easy access. Angela beamed with smiles. He loved it when she understands what he wants and tries to make it easy for him to get it.

He landed his mouth on her b*****s and sucked on it while rubbing her p***y with one hand. He uses his hand on her honeypot in the morning before going in but sucks it during the day or before bed if they are making love. He soon found his hand all wet, the p***y was ready to receive him. It turned him on whenever he sees it that wet. It will make the p***y so soft and sweet for his penetrations.

He hit the head of the p***y with the tip of his joystick like someone knocking on a door before entering. He hit it again three times before gently putting it in. He pressed it in and left it there for sometime before he began the action. Angela was his wife so he was always cautious with the p***y. He doesn’t stretch it and hit it like a mad man the way he hits them prostitutes or other woman because he doesn’t want it to slack or become too wide but all the same, he knew how to give it to her the way she loved it.


The hotness of her p***y soon drove away the cold in his body and transferred some warmth to his body and that was exactly what he wanted.

He hit the p***y very well as she sang his praises. His big d**k always got to every part of her p***y whenever she has it inside of her. It touches her g spot and drives her crazy.  Tony gave it to her nonstop and in no time, she found herself shivering and vibrating.Before she knew it, her p***y juice splashed everywhere. Tony was always happy to see that happen.

He knew what to do to release and immediately he saw that her woman was satisfied, he did it and within a short time, he released all his seeds inside her hot creamy p***y, panting like someone that ran a marathon race.


He still felt cold as he left for work that morning and that made him believe something could be wrong somewhere. On getting to his work place, he saw many of his colleagues standing outside. He couldn’t understand why. The main entrance to the building was locked so he parked his car first and went closer to find out what was happening. Some of the ladies there sobbing while others shed tears. He was told that Madam Veronica died last night. Rumors flew that her husband was held in police custody for killing her when he found out she was sleeping with other men.

The manager told them to all go home until further notice. Tony was  happy but he didnt show it. He entered his car and drove straight heading for home. He will go out for a drink with his friends today to celebrate this and then they will put all their efforts on Ebere to track her whereabouts before she comes back for him.

It was in the evening of that same day. Tony was in the sitting room with Angela watching a romantic movie when the knock came on the door. The gate was bolted from inside and they had no gateman who could have opened the gate for anybody. Maybe he didnt remember to bolt the gate,he thought.

“Who’s there?”  Tony asked.

The voice replied saying it was Paul. Tony stood up at once to let him in. He had called earlier to notify them that they would be going out for a drink. The moment he opened the door, he received a very hard push which landed him to the ground. Three hefty men with short guns entered. Angela almost urinated in her panties. She lay down flat begging for her life and that of her husband.

They took their positions in the room after which a lady walked in.  Tony lifted up his head and behold it was Ebere.

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