Love & Pleasure episode 10

Episode 10

“I said who are you and what do you want? ” Madam Veronica asked again sensing that the knock was not from any of the hotel workers. Nothing on earth could make them knock that way. She was ready to see who it was and face whatever happens. She told Tony to get under the bed and he agreed without thinking twice. He couldn’t face Angela if she happened to be the one.

“Open this door at once you adulterous woman” The voice came angrily while the knock lingered. She sensed he was not alone. Madam Veronica took a deep breath. What was she going to do?  Her husband had never caught her with another man before despite her being sexually active with different men. This man will surely put her to shame and tell her family people about it.

She unlocked the door and he flung in with his native regalia.

“Where is he? ” He asked looking around the place.

Four police men entered after him.


“Where is who chief ?” Madam Veronica asked and received a very hot slap from her husband. Chief was a no nonsense man. He had been suspecting her but he wanted to catch her red handed to be sure.

“Amadioha strike you there for asking me that stupid question. You think I am deaf. Search this place for him gentleman” chief was very furious. The policemen searched the bathroom and found nothing. Tony heart was beating fast under the bed and he prayed they don’t find him.

“Chief, we didn’t see anyone here ” The police men announced.

“Is he a ghost?  Did he disappear? I don’t believe in ghosts so he must be here ” Chief was very certain that man enjoying his property was there.

Tony was still hoping for the best when a slap landed on his back.

“Oga come out from there ” One of the police men pulled him out from under the bed.

“Mr man,everyday for the thief but one day for the owner. You are the same man I  saw in my house sometime ago with my wife and you who stole my money. You think I won’t find out …..”

“You are mistaken me for another person. I am not the one sir. I am not a thief….. ”

“You are, Chief cut him short, You are a criminal who takes and enjoys what doesn’t belong to him and you will explain better to these gentlemen when you get to the police station” Chief signaled to the police men to take him away. He will settle them later. He only wanted that man to spend a little time in the police cell for having the temerity to climb his wife. He wondered for how long this must have been going on behind his back.

“And you, we shall see. I will punish you for this ” Chief looked at his wife with distaste and left the room leaving her perplexed and dumbfounded.

“Where are you taking me to? I am not a criminal ” Tony was talking to the police men who dragged him recklessly to get him into their car.

“You be arm robber. You thief chief money and you still get mind dey f**k him wife. Na double offence and I will advise you to keep quiet now because anything you do or say will be used against you in the court of law” They told him, dragged him into the car and drove away.

The car pulled up in front of their station and they took Tony inside. He was at the counter when they wrote his name in their register and the offense he committed. According to them, his offenses were stealing and sleeping with somebody’s wife.


“Come!! No declare all your money for there o. Make sure say you bring money come here. I no dey beg you o but na for your own good o” A voice came from the cell. Tony knew the voice was referring to him.

“You give me money keep for you? “He replied the voice. He could have many voices saying things he couldn’t here from the cell. Tony had never been to a cell before.

He pleaded with the police men to allow him call somebody before going into the cell which they agreed because of they money he gave them but reminded him he won’t be granted bail until Chief says so.

He called Paul and told him everything,counted the money in his wallet, kept some and hid some with him before they took him into the cell.

It was a very small room containing about 12 inmates. Out of the 12, there was one who sat comfortably like a king.  One of the inmates was fanning him with a handfan.

He looked at Tony from head to toe when he entered and nodded.

“Shey na me you dey ask question?  Come here ” He commanded Tony.

Tony refused to obey. One of them rushed him and gave him a hot slap at the back of his head.

“Presido dey talk to you and you dey form James Bond. You dey form hard man. Come on go answer presido osiso ”

Tony was about to retaliate but noticed that all of them were looking at him as if they were were waiting for him to make any move before pouncing on him.

He went over to the huge guy whom they called their Presido.

“So you later come? ” He asked and Tony nodded.

“How much you bring come for us?” He asked again.

Tony said he didn’t bring any money but before he could finish saying it, he received slaps from different angles. It was like a slap donation. Everyone willingly contributing their own. These men were really angry with him. If not for anything, he was told to bring in money for them and he asked if they gave him any money to keep for them. Before he knew it, his face was already swollen.

“Shey I been dey tell you and you dey ask me whether I give you money keep. You go hear am today ” They continued dishing out hot blows and slaps to him until he surrendered and produced the money he had hidden with him.

He tried to mark their faces so he can deal with any of them when they eventually meet anywhere.

He willingly handed the money over to the presido who took it and gave him the last slap on his head.

“You been dey form James Bond. You dey form hard man. Strong head no good ” The Presido told him and counted the money. It was a very substantial amount. He smiled, kept some in his pocket and announced to the rest the amount which he handed over to another guy who appeared to be their treasurer.

Here, these men don’t starve that much . They have enough money in their treasury to eat morning and night. They get money from new inmates and people who come to bail any of the inmates.

“So wetin carry you come here?” Tony heard the question. He looked at one of them who asked the question and wondered if he was normal at all. What business does he have with what brought him here.

He saw all eyes on him waiting for an answer. He didn’t utter a word.

He didn’t know where a heavy slap came from and landed on his head.

” come on open your mouth and talk ”

Tony regretted his life that day. He had to cooperate with them and answer all of their questions.

He prayed and hoped never to spend a night there as he waited patiently for Paul to show up. He thought about his wife. Where would she start searching for him from?  She would not sleep if he doesn’t return tonight and he never wanted her to know he ever got himself into a police cell for reasons not so good to the ears.

He shut his eyes tightly, waiting and hoping for the best.

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