Lost episode 2


Episode Two

When I woke up, I saw Mom and Dad arguing again.

He kept asking why she left in the first place and why she came back.

Mom said she came back because of me.

I didn’t even go close to them because they both kept mēssing with my mental health.

I was just used to them arguing all the time, so it didn’t affect me anymore.

Mom would have just run away when she had the chance.

Suddenly, I heard a sound. It sounded like Dad slāpped her.

I was forced to rush to the kitchen where they were arguing.

When Dad saw me, he left her and went upstairs. He was used to doing that.

He would hīt her, and when he was done, he would just act like nothing happened.

He didn’t even think about it.

I noticed Mom with a bag and asked, “Where did you go, Mom?” Even though I overheard their conversation.

I just wanted to make sure that’s what I heard.

She responded, “I tried running away.” I asked, “Why didn’t you just go? You know Dad won’t húrt me.”

I was really worried about my mom’s health.

One of our neighbors told me that the more a man bēats a woman, the shorter her lifespan becomes and she loses her strength.

They said that one day he might hit her as usual and she could just fall and diē.

I didn’t want that to happen to my mom. She was everything to me.

I never accepted that man as my father because he didn’t deserve to be called one.

After Mom didn’t say anything else, she just took the bag upstairs.

But I called out to her and asked her not to go upstairs until Dad calmed down. She listened and put the bag down.

This time, the marks he left on her cheeks were visible.

It looked like he had slāpped her twice because both of her cheeks were swollen.

She had developed eye bags from crying because of someone who didn’t even deserve her tears.

I sat there, staring at the wrinkles a 25-year-old woman had developed from deciding to marry a man like my father.

I couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you still decide to marry him after seeing all these things when you were dating?”

Her response was, “I won’t understand.”

Of course, I understood that she was blinded by the love she had for him.

Completely ignoring the signs she saw in my dad when they were dating.

I knew my mom came from a rich family, but unfortunately, she lost both her parents in a car āccident and was an only child.

I know how dēpressing it was, but I wondered what made her decide to marry my dad.

She was still young and could have had many other suitors.

Dad was the one enjoying everything my mom owned, including the companies she inherited from her parents.

Despite all that, he still treated her badly.

I knew he married her because he knew she was rich.

I wonder how he convinced her to marry him.

I looked at my mom, and she looked so palē.

I could hardly recognize her. When she blinked, tears rolled down her cheeks.

I really felt sorry for her. Dad was waiting for her upstairs, ready to continue the argument.

He kept calling her name, but I asked her not to go upstairs because it seemed like he wasn’t satisfied with just arguing.

Dad became quiet for a while, and I thought he was tired of the fīght.

Mom didn’t say anything either. I liked the atmosphere then.

It was a bit peaceful. Days passed, and Dad suddenly started acting nice.

I felt like he had changed.

He started taking care of us, coming back early.

I didn’t know he had something else planned.

He even gave her money for food. Maybe it was just to be the perfect dad in my eyes because he knew I was disappointed in him.

One fateful day, or should I say unfortunate day, Dad came back late and drūnk.

He even tripped and fell before entering the house.

I peeked through the window and saw him, then went back to my room.

He came into the house and stumbled on the chair I had placed near the door.

I completely forgot about the chair, so I rushed to move it out of the way, and he hīt me on the head.

That was the first time he did that.

I quickly moved away from him.

Mom was in the kitchen cooking, and he went straight to the kitchen, yēlling at her and asking why his food wasn’t ready yet.

She stayed completely silent, and I was scared that something bad would happen.

Suddenly, I heard a noise in the kitchen, and then everything became so quiet.

Mom wasn’t screaming anymore. I wondered why Dad suddenly became silent.

I had to go to the kitchen to take a peek, and I saw Mom lying on the floor.

I was so scared because Dad kept holding her hands and she didn’t even move.

He saw me as I ran out of the house, and he kept calling my name, but I didn’t turn around.

I called the people in my street for help, and when they arrived, they pushed him aside and rushed Mom to the hospital.

She was on oxygen, but Dad refused to pay the bills to start her treatment.

In the morning, she was pronounced dēad.

I kept crying and I told her not to do it.

My life took a turn for the worst at that moment.

When I asked to see her one last time, and I saw her lying lifeless on the hospital bed.

I saw my whole world crūmbling before my eyes.

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