Lost episode 18


Episode Eighteen

I felt very reluctant to enter John’s room, especially since he was slowly losing his memory.

It was hard to bear the thought that he would soon forget about me completely, leaving me with no one to talk to.

I stood at the door of his ward, staring at him as he slept peacefully.

It looks like I’ve been away for a while, and he got bored and fell asleep.

I felt scared that he might wake up and see me as a stranger in his room.

I was teary-eyed, but I didn’t want him to wake up and see me crying.

So, I silently moved to his bed, making sure not to make any noise with my shoes.

This time, I had to speak to his soul rather than his body.

I wanted him to hear me speak while he was sleeping.

Holding his hand, I began saying things that even I couldn’t fully comprehend.

“John, even if you forget everyone else, please don’t forget me.

Everyone keeps leaving, and if you forget me, we won’t be able to talk anymore.”

Somehow, I knew he heard me.

I didn’t want to disturb him any further, so I went outside to catch some fresh air.

The news from the doctor had left me suffocāting.

It was hard to believe that the person I finally felt better with was lying in a hospital bed and would soon forget me.

I couldn’t help but wonder, “Will he even remember my face?”

I questioned what it would be like to lose one’s memory.

Would everything just be wiped out of your head when you wake up?

Or does your brain go back to default, like when a person is a baby?

I had so many unanswered questions, and it somehow felt funny to me.

But I scolded myself, reminding myself to be serious because the situation I was in wasn’t funny.

I was just confused, that life had suddenly became funny.

I felt like a strong breed, ready to withstand any troubles without shaking.

I remembered it was time to go home after being in the hospital for two days.

I wanted to show myself to the dēmons at home, so they would know I was still alive.

In case they had plans to ėliminate me or thought I had run away.

I wanted to prove to them that despite everything they did to me, I’m still strong.

I didn’t say goodbye to John because I wasn’t sure if he would recognize me.

So I just went on my way, strolling from the hospital to the house.

The house was quite far from the hospital, but I didn’t mind.

I didn’t even feel the distance because I was already used to suffering.

Finally, I arrived home, and my dad was there with his wife.

When they both saw me, she said, “There comes the dėvil.”

I started imagining what I might have done to make them wait for me.

I completely forgot that I rescued John.

I was busy imagining what I had done wrong.

My dad asked me to kneel down and asked where I was coming from.

He even started drawing his belt from his wāist.

My stepmom was already smiling, and I wondered what she was up to when I left the house.

I wanted a clue about what I did wrong because I was sure I didn’t do anything wrong.

I glanced around the house to check if I accidentally broke anything without knowing, but I didn’t find anything.

Then my dad broke the silence by asking, “Who released the boy in the store room?”

I pointed my finger towards my stepmom, and she did the same to me.

It was as if we had planned it together.

Dad was confused at first but seeing my step mom keeping a very serious face, I knew there will be no point arguing that she will win.

She had planned all along to set me up with dād.

I was still on my knees when dad asked “where did you keep the boy”?

I acted like he wasn’t talking to me, I was getting stronger and I was going to do anything to protect John.

I was too weak to protect my mom, but I wasn’t going to let him sūffer the same fate with my mom.

He asked the second time “where is the boy”?

Is it the boy you hīt till he lost consciousness?

And is still battling with memory lōss in the hospital now? I responded.

I didn’t know how that came out of my mouth, so I quickly covered it to stop myself from saying more things.

Dad’s eyes pōpped out, he didn’t know the pains he inflictėd on me had made me stronger.

“Are you talking to me that way?

Don’t worry, I will shut you up”.
He said as he raised the belt to hīt me.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

I was tired of being mistreāted by him and his wife.

I was filled with ānger, and my heart felt like it was going to explode.

My voice let loose again, just like before.

“Hīt me and kiłł me, just like you did with my mom.

She didn’t have a voice, but I will speak up for her and everyone else you have hūrt.

Are you even my father, or do I need to search elsewhere?”

I stormed out of his presence to my room, his mouth was still wide open when I left.

My step mother couldn’t believe I will do that.

I really regretted talking to him that way, that I locked myself in my room crying silently.

I felt like someone else was talking through me, and I had lost all the manners that mom had taught me.

I was becoming wīld, just like the people on the street.

And what did dad mean when he said he would shūt me up?

That question filled my mind and suddenly I became scared.

“Was he planning to kīłł me just like he kīlłėd mom?”

I encouraged myself, “He can’t shūt me up.

He doesn’t know what he’s in for.
I will make sure I expose him.” I affirmed.

Although I didn’t sleep throughout the night.

I had a feeling he might break my door and strānglė me.
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