Lost episode 17


Episode Seventeen

I took a tour around the hospital, and I really saw what people are going through.

There were different sicknesses, and someone even diėd in the other ward.

it was a pregnant woman, and I really felt bad for her husband.

He was crying tirelessly along with their daughters, who were playing without even realizing what had happened.

I peeped through the window and saw how she was covered with a cloth and taken outside the ward.

I sat down somewhere, thinking about how life has cheated a lot of people, like that girls.

They were just like me; They had just lost their mother.

I wondered if their father would be able to take care of them and when they finally finds out that their mother is no more.

They will be so sad, just like I was.

After thinking for a while, I had to go and check up on John again to find out if he was awake.

But he was still sleeping, and I saw something that got my attention.

His table was filled up with milk, Milo, and every other thing he needed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes because those things weren’t there when I first entered the room.

I spotted the doctor outside another ward and called out to him, “Doctor, please excuse me,”I said.

As he stopped, I rushed to meet him because it looked as if he was in a hurry.

When I finally got to where he was standing, although I felt shy and couldn’t talk to him face to face (he looked intimidating that afternoon).

I summoned courage and started, ‘First of all, I want to thank you for taking care of my brother.

And please, I would like to know who brought those things I’m seeing on his table and even the bags filled with food items on the floor.”

He looked at me and smiled (he never stops smiling), then he said.

“About your brother John, I can assure you he is in safe hands.

He will be closely monitored and treated until he gets better.”

Don’t worry, he’s better now and will be discharged soon.

As for the food items, the Good Samaritan sent them, but their identity is concealed for now.

It’s against our policy to reveal that information without being asked.

I was worried, I didn’t even know if the person that sent the gifts had bad intentions.

I was determined to find out who sent the gifts, I needed to ensure John was safe, I didn’t want to lōse another person.

When I went back to John’s ward, he was awake.

When he saw me, he said “Catherine, where have you been?

I have been looking for someone I know in this place to ask questions, because I don’t even know why am here.

It surprised me because he seemed to have forgotten everything.

He remembered me and my name though, which was something.

I told him to rest and that I would explain everything once he’s fully recovered.

He asked if I paid the hospital bill, but I shrugged my shoulders.

We both wondered who it could be.

I teased him about having a secret admirer, but he wasn’t a type that gets upset easily.

He joked about almost everything.

Everything was funny to him, but I felt the opposite.

I didn’t like jokes, but I had to adjust.

We laughed it off when he joked about being admired as a boy living under a bridge.

Then he suddenly got quiet, deep in thought.

He asked why I wasn’t at home and if they would look for me.

I wasn’t bothered because my dad and stepmother only cared when they needed something.

I couldn’t go home after rescuing him because I didn’t know what my dad was planning.

He was unpredictable and would do anything to make himself happy.

We talked about many things, and he asked irrelevant questions like “if I was going back to school”.

I wasn’t sure if I could go back unless a miracle happened.

I wanted to go back to school and even sell water to support myself.

It bothered me that my peers were in school while I was just selling water on the streets.

I didn’t respond to his question, and he didn’t ask more.

I was glad he was feeling better, but something was off.

He kept forgetting things we talked about, repeating the same topics.

At first, I thought it wasn’t serious but he kept asking the same thing over again, I knew I needed to to see the doctor.

I had to talk to the doctor and explain everything that happened to him, so that he will be treated before it gets worst.

When I did, the doctor’s response made me cry.

He said, “Your brother is slowly losing his memory.”

I didn’t let him finish I just cut in by asking “how? and why?”.

I wanted to know what could cause something like that.

And the doctor had to explain in the simplest way he could.

“It could be that he was hīt on the head or other factors like stress or deprēssion.

We need to examine him closely and do the right thing, or else he will lose his memory completely.

He said as he rushed back to what he was doing.

I stood there, puzzled, looking up to God as I cried in my heart.
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