Lost episode 12


Episode Twelve

I followed my dad inside the house, but the only food I found on the table with my name on it was beans.

Even my dad knew I didn’t like beans.

Dad didn’t bother to tell me to get noodles from the kitchen either, and I was bannėd from the kitchen.

I didn’t want to bother anyone, so I just left the plate of beans on the table and went to bed.

My stepmother spoiled my morning.

I heard her scream my name in the sitting room, and when I rushed to find out what the problem was, she asked, ‘Why have you refused to eat this food?

pointing at the plate of beans on the table.

I don’t eat beans aunty.

I responded, confused about why my not eating suddenly became a big deal when she is used to starving me in the house.

She gave me a frown and then said, “I don’t support wastage of food in this house.

If you feel you want to waste food, I won’t support it.

Now, take this beans and eat it.”

She said this while folding her hands.

I didn’t say a word to her. I just took a step back towards my room when she dragged me back.

Saying, “I’m talking to you, Catherine.

“She dragged my gown, tearing it a little. I turned to her, looking at the torn part of my cloth.

Then she started crying.

I know she wasn’t satisfied with what she did and wanted dad to come downstairs so they could join hands and hūmiliate me.

Her plans worked, and dad came down.

He was bathing when he heard her scream, and he rushed from the bathroom, asking, “What is it?'”

He asked and stared at my clothes.

My stepmother, faking tears dropping from her eyes, said, “Catherine bēat me up.”

It was obvious I was the one with torn cloth.

My dad didn’t even let me defend myself; he gave me a slāp.

“How could you do that to my wife? Don’t you know she is pregnant?”

When I heard the word “pregnant,” it dawned on me that my problem was getting worse in the house.

Especially when she gives him the male child he was desperately looking for.

I silently walked to my room and let out a scream.

I was completely exhausted, and I wished my mom could hear me scream.

I didn’t care if any of them heard me.

I took a bath and wanted to look good, so I wore a decent but beautiful outfit.

It was all for John. There was something about him that I couldn’t explain.

The thought of him took me out of my reality and into a world of fantasy.

As I packed my water, I used the back door to leave the house.

I made sales again, just like the previous day.

There was this freedom I felt that I couldn’t understand whenever I walked out of the gate.

It was as if someone poured chilled water on me.

I felt so relaxed, and the thought of catching up with the other people made me quicken my steps.

A lady stopped me on the road.

I thought she was looking for directions, but then she recognized me.

She stared at me before calling me to come to where she stood.

Initially, I didn’t want to go because I had heard of people being kidnāpped on that particular road I took.

But I summoned courage and met her.

“Are you the daughter of the owner of that house, the well-known businessman?”

she asked. I shook my head.

There was no need to say that I was the daughter of a man who would not hesitate to deny me.”

“I thought as much, she said, although you look so much like him.

it’s obvious you are the maid or cleaner but you look too clean for a maid”.

I didn’t say anything else to her, I just smiled and went my way.

her words were like the wind blowing my ears without shaking them.

I didn’t feel bad after all I was treated like a maid.

I noticed her turning at interval to look at me when she took steps forward.

I had to turn to confirm she was really looking at me and our eyes met.

I felt scared that I ran with speed to the junction like someone was actually pursuing me.

When I reached there, the other people saw the speed I was running that they had to run away too.

I called them back and they couldn’t stop laughing, John was just observing us from a distance.

When our eyes met, I just ran to him and gave him a hug.

I don’t know what prompted that, I was just happy to see him getting back on his feet.

Wth the way he was the previous day, I didn’t think I will get better.

When I called him John, he said “don’t call me John, no one knows me as John here but David”.

He changed his name when he was thrown out of his father’s house, he took on a new identity.

“David” to forget and disconnect himself with his ugly past, calling him John reminded him of everything that happened.

He wanted a brand new life.

“Maybe I will just change my name too, when I finally run away from father’s house”.

I had told him as we both laughed he said “where will you run to?

The street isn’t friendly Catherine, atleast you have a roof over your head” .

He was actually right.
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