Living in regret episode 6

Living In Regret

Episode 6

They both journeyed for two days before reaching Oshimiri.

Along the way, they passed women going to the farm and children playing in their houses.

They finally arrived at Ojuku’s house,

and he was already sitting outside his hut, eagerly awaiting Uche’s arrival, which would lead to his downfáll.

As they drew closer to Ojuku, the guard bowed his heads and left to his duty post.

Uche bowed before Ojuku, “you are welcome” Ojuku said, as he shook hands with Uche.

Uche was already beaming with a smile as he sat down on the bench.

“Ifeoma”, Ojuku called, and she rushed out to greet him.

“Nna, I’m here,” she said, bowing before her father. “Go into the hut and bring palm wine to our guest.”

“Nnayi, welcome”, she bowed before Uche and left inside to get the palm wine.

Shortly, Ifeoma came out with a keg of palm wine and two tiny calabashes for the palm wine.

She then went back inside the hut.

Seeing her, Uche lost concentration as he steered at her, admiring her beauty.

“I can’t believe in no time, she will be all mine, this is a dream come true”.

He thought, Ojuku clears his throat and Uche regains consciousness.

“I know she is beautiful and you can’t wait to have her, but calm down and take everything step by step.

in due time you will take her home as your wife”,he said.

When you take her home, I don’t want to hear that anything has happened to my daughter.

Take good care of her and make sure you give her everything she needs else you will have me to contend with.

Ojuku said stamping his left feet on the ground.

Uche nodded in affirmation, knowing he couldn’t risk offending the great oracle. Ojuku beamed with a smile.

“If only you know what you are into, you would reject this whole thing and go back to your village”, he thought.

Uche on the other hand was already dwelling in fantasy out of the land of the living, thinking about many ways he can make Ifeoma happy.

it was true that she was a very beautiful woman and if she doesn’t take care of her, other suitors will come and take her away.

“What is on your mind”? Ojuku asked curious after Uche had refused to say anything for a while.

“Nothing, Nna. I just can’t wait to take my wife home with me, I have always loved your daughter from the first time I set my eyes on her.

I can’t wait for us to be together, and don’t worry about her being a second wife, I will make her my first wife”.

Ojuku smiled once again.” Where are the items for the dowry? He asked.

Uche was confused as he was not with anything at the moment, he had rushed to honour Ojuku’s call that he forgot he needed to get items for the dowry.

“I will send them to you tomorrow, I forgot about it completely, please tell your guards to come and pick up the items for the dowry tomorrow.

I will even send you yams and other items every Eke market day if only Ifeoma, gives birth to a girl”.

Ojuku nodded. He knew his daughter would make it work as long as she executed her plans to frustráte and ruín Uche’s life, who was dèsperate to have a daughter.

Shortly,Ifeoma came out of the hut.

“Nna, food is ready. Ojuku looked at Uche with a smile and said, “Uche, come inside and have dinner with us.

You are now my son-in-law, and once the dowry is paid in full, you can take your wife home.

” for now she will stay here with me”. They all went inside to eat, after eating, Uche appreciated Ojuku for everything.

“I will make sure I send the complete dowry tomorrow, I hope my wife will come with me once I complete it? He asked.

“What will she be doing in my house instead of her husband’s house?

Ojuku laughed and Uche joined in.

“Nnayi, let me take my leave now, I’m running late.

He said as he journeyed back to Umudike, taking another two days to get home.

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