Living in regret episode 5

Living in Regret

Episode 5

Ifeoma spent so much time convincing her father to allow her to marry Uche, who shaméléssly returned to his village.

“Nnayi, it seems you don’t trust your daughter, Uche can’t keep me as a second wife.

I will make sure I scatter his marriage with his wife, and become his wife.

My mission is to render him uséless for what he had done to me, he humiliated me before the whole village.

she got up from the bench and filled with rage, she said “Uche will dié in my hands, leave him to me”.

Ojuku nodded with a smile and said, “Now you’re talking like my daughter.”

Besides I have never liked anyone from that village.

Get ready, I will send for him tomorrow and we will proceed with the marriage.

Don’t forget your mission, he said.

Uche on the other hand spent another two days reaching the village.

He was so tired when he got home and he could not sleep or eat.

He thought about the hùmiliátion he got because of Ifeoma and how his mission had become abortive.

“Maybe it is the gods telling me to back out of whatever I’m doing”, he thought.

“I wouldn’t give up just like that, Ifeoma will be mine in no time”.

Although Amaka noticed his behaviour, she didn’t want to speak up to avoid another round of bèáting.

She tried to avoid him at all cost.

She had sighted him from a distance before he finally reached the house and she knew it wasn’t the right time to talk to him.

She didn’t even have the courage to ask him if he will have dinner.

Amaka was relieved that he didn’t even ask for dinner because she didn’t prepare anything for dinner.

The next morning, as the rooster crowed, Ojuku called for one of the guards the king had assigned to assist him with challenging tasks.

“Go to Umudike village and summon Uche to my house.

You have the spirit of discernment in you from Oshimiri, the spirit will direct you.

Once you find him tell him to come back to Oshimiri with you”.

The guard respectfully bowed and embarked on the two-day journey to Umudike village, just like the journey from Oshimiri to Umudike.

He finally got to Umudike, and the first person he saw was a drunk.

He knew within himself that the drunk knew where Uche lives.

“Can you take me to Uche’s house,I have a message for him, he asked. “The drunk looked at him from head to toe”.

I smell danger, Uche will not survive this, if only he knows”.

He adjusts his trouser and turns his drink to the left hand, ” come with me, let me take you to him”.

He said as he led the way staggering and the guard followed him reluctantly.

They took a bush track to Uche’s house.

Finally, they got to the compound and Uche was sitted with his hands across the chin,

thinking about how he can convince Ojuku to release Ifeoma to him.

“Greetings Uche,Your presence is needed by Ojuku the great, he require that I bring you to him”.

Hearing this, Uche knew it was goodnews, he shouted in excitement.

He was Lucky that his wife Amaka had gone to the market and wasn’t around to hear him screám.

“Have a sit, while I go inside to bring Kola so that we can break together.

He went inside and brought the kola, then noticed the drunk who was standing at the back of the guard.

Agu, the village drunk,this one you have decided to visit my house.

I don’t have palmwine to give you today, he didn’t finish when Agu interrupted by saying

“Uche, you are dígging your gráve with your own hands.

The thing you seek dearly will déstroy you”,

Uche fumed with anger ” Whò do you think you are? To come into my compound speaking nonésense about me.

Leave my compound this very minute, Agu leaves but while leaving, he turns to Uche and said “Your déstructiòn is near”.

“Don’t mind that woman who calls himself a man. His whole family are drùnks, good for nòthing,” he said to the guard. “Let me dress up and follow you.”

He entered the house and quickly changed his clothes and they both hurried back to Oshimiri.

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