Lady shares painful confession after relationship with her caring boyfriend crashes

Nigerian lady, identified as @Alleberryy, has caused a serious buzz online after making a painful confession about cheating on her former caring boyfriend.

The post, which has gone viral, has triggered a wave of criticism and disapproval from netizens.

In her confession online, the lady recounted the moment she realized she had cheated on her boyfriend and acknowledged that it was not going to be a one-time occurrence.

She went on to describe how the man she cheated on her boyfriend with treated her differently, using language that implied a rougher and more intense encounter compared to the love she received from her former boyfriend.

“I remember one time I stepped out in my past relationship, I was feeling things that I hadn’t felt before in my life, and I started crying because I knew it was over for my boyfriend. Person wey Dey fok me with love, another man dun turn me inside out and I knew it wasn’t the last time,” she wrote.

Netizens have flocked to the comment section to express their disapproval of the lady’s public confession.

Many criticized @Alleberryy for being bold enough to publicly admit to infidelity and for seemingly glorifying her actions.

Netizens Reactions…

@faderera reacted; “Stepped out? Took a walk or what? Koyemi.”

@UncleDara said; “See how she called “Cheating” stepped out.”

@47 kasz said; “Stepped out??? Like went to buy Amala or Gala??? Women are evil fa.

@Irunnia_ reacted; “Certain tweets should never leave your drafts sha. This can destroy a good relationship for you in the future.”

@robin_jr6 said; “Stepped out like you went to buy fufs? Una mind no go touch ground.”

@Tegadeyforyou said; “You “Stepped out”. That same man, one time you’ll start dating him and inevitably he will stop turning you inside out. Then, you’ll look for another man that’ll be turning you inside out. Where does it end. Lol.”

@orioninc_ng reacted; “Stepped out like you went to collect fresh air or what? Ori yin buru ma.

@japhetho reacted; “I knew it wasn’t the last time”. And someone will take women seriously? If you want long life and peace, take women like this very lightly. This one already knew she goon cheat for a very long time and she wasn’t apologetic about it.”

@evilmadss said; “Wdym stepped out? like you went for stroll or what? gfb.” 

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