Ken episode 7

Ken episode 7

(Final episode)

I wish I helped earlier none of this would have happened, I wept so bad. I decided to help my father and Bella get back on their feet, I forgave them because that was the only way to move on and grow.

I got a nice house for them, put Bella back in school. I made sure I took her son like mine, I also enrolled him into one of the best schools in town.

Bella never told me who the father of her son was, I asked her but she was to scared to tell me. I made some investigation and found out that my parents paid someone to get her pregnant before coming to stay with me just to execute their evil plans.

I felt sorry for her, she was used and I wouldn’t blame her. Life was going great I was 8 months pregnant, preparing to fly back to New York to have my baby. I moved with Jake and his parents accompanied us, they really wanted to witness the birth for their first grand child.

When I arrived New York, I read a news about ken’s house was burnt to the ground with him inside of it. They stated he was fast asleep when his house got burnt down, it was a tragic sight to see.

Ken’s death touched me so bad, I felt goosebumps all over my body. I wept so bad, regardless of what he did to me I had a soft spot for him.

I never thought something like this would happen to him, after everything we have been through.

Few weeks later I gave birth to cutes babies, triplets. They all looked so cute and tender, I was so happy because the scan never showed triplets but only one baby. Mr & Mrs Robyn sang my praises, Jake an I was so happy for God’s blessing upon my life.

My father was equally happy for me after hearing the good news, same with Bella. I was thankful to God for helping me and making me strong and better after so many years of toiling.

My story is to inspire not just to enjoy. God will always be there for his children, nobody knows tomorrow. Be humble and kind to people even if they are bad to you.

ยฉ Tishania Ginikachi
The end

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