Jailed at 39

Jailed At 39๐Ÿ˜ข

Too late to weep.. I’m now serving a life sentence.

I regret my actions now… but it looked so right then..

Contrary to the popular saying that ‘the evil men do lives after them’. Mine lives with me.

I remember that day so well.

I had convinced my neighbor, Lola into taking me to Dami’s house as a nanny.

Dami’s husband Greg, lived abroad leaving Dami behind with their three lovely kids. I still remember their names..smiles.

Greg loves Damilola so well. He won’t let her work and had also ensured to employ the services of domestic helpers for her comfort.

The nanny was about getting married as of then and Dami had pleaded with Lola to help find a replacement before she leaves.

I had been close to Lola for a reason I, alone know.

So during one of our random gists one Sunday evening, she talked about the task she was given by her friend and I volunteered to be a replacement.

She thought I was joking and laughed out loud. But when I showed her my resignation letter the next morning, she was shock.

“Funmi, dont tell me you’re seriously resigning from the bank so you could start working as a nanny”. She had asked.

“Of course, I am”. I replied.

She tried to talk me out of ‘my foolishness'(as she described my actions), but I went ahead to submit the letter.

She had no option than to take me to Dami the following day.

Dami was not impressed with Lola’s choice in me and couldn’t hide her disatisfaction

“Lola, you know what I needed is a younger lady, how do you expect me to work with someone who is old enough to be my aunt?”.

I felt bad, being referred to as an older lady but I didn’t mind. I had a mission to accomplish.

Lola begged her to accept me that I am good and she won’t regret ever working with me.
She finally agreed and I was asked to resume as soon as possible so as to learn somethings from Bunmi, the outgoing nanny before she finally leaves.

I moved in with them two days later and it didn’t take long before I got familiar with the kids.

Bunmi left a week after.

You may be wondering why a 38 year old independent single lady would abadon her well paying job to be babysitting for a younger woman. You will find out soon

I started my work and with time I earned the trust of my madam. She could allow me take the kids for a walk in the neighborhood and also sleep in the kids’ room. A privilege she never granted to anyone

She buys me lot of gifts like clothes, shoes, bags and would always thank Lola for bringing me into their lives.

” I never knew anyone would be better than Bunmi”. She would always say.

The kids too, loved me and were always flocking around me because I never lacked funny stories to keep them giggling all day

Dami is naturally a kindhearted girl but that was not enough to make me go back on my plans… I was determined to carry out my plan at all cost.

She so trusted me that by the time I finally struck, I was the last person on the suspect list..

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Story by โ›” Joy Ifunanya

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