Is she My Grandmother episode 3



The following day, my Fever persisted as my temperature was very high. My grandmother thought I was pretending. She had arranged her fruits on the tray for me to hawk when she noticed that I couldn’t walk properly. She was scared. She ran to a nurse in the next house. I was treated at home as I became fine.

That same week, My grandmother decided to take me on a walk in the woods. As we were walking, my grandmother noticed a strange looking tree. She told me to go and fetch a branch from the tree. I did as i was told. The tree had bees all over it as I managed to get a branch of it. When i returned with the branch, my grandmother was not pleased.

My grandmother scolded me for not bringing back the right kind of branch she wanted despite knowing that there were bees on it. She then told me to go back to the tree, get a branch of it for herbs and bring a berry from it. I went back as instructed because I dare not disobey her. I managed to cut the branch and get some berries from the tree as the Bees stings me severally.

I brought everything to my grandmother. However, She was still not satisfied. She told me that I would have to go and find some mushrooms in the bush near the tree but I complained to her that bees were there and those bees stings me severally. She said it was none of her business.

I went back into the bush and searched for the mushrooms. After a while, I saw a snake and I ran out of the bush shouting. When I got to where she was standing, she asked for the mushrooms as I told her I saw a snake in the bush. She gave me a resounding slap. We left the place immediately. I knew she was scared too.

When we got home, my face had swollen as a result of the bees stings. I complained to her but she told me to get out of her sight. Not long, she arranged her Fruits on a tray and instructed me to hawk it.

I hawked round the streets. There was no sales that day as I needed to hawk further in order not to return the fruits to my Grandmother unsold. I got home very late that day. As usual, she waited for me at the door with a cane in her hands. As I moved closer to her, I told her in tears that I came back late because I needed to sell all the fruits.



I was spared that night because I presented her money to her intact. It was her intention to beat me to stupor that day but because I sold off all the fruits, she returned the cane in her hands. She loves money more than anything.

I never expected to have such a tumultuous relationship with my grandmother. Growing up, I do hear about her even though I didn’t get to meet her until after my Parents demise. She was just the opposite of what I was told. She wasn’t strict but wicked.

The following day, while I was hawking during school hour, a man saw me and questioned why I wasn’t in school and I explained things to him. Of a truth, school has resumed and some of my mates that we did common entrance together had resumed school. The man bought all the fruits and followed me home to talk to my grandmother. After their intense discussion, my grandmother looked at me with contempt and hanger but she couldn’t react when the man was around.

After the man left, My grandmother began to act differently around me. She was colder and more distant. She would often criticize me for the slightest things, like she was not satisfied with whatever I do. She was always trying to condemn me, and it felt like she was trying to mold me into someone I wasn’t.

I tried to talk to her about what the man discussed with her about my education stating that I wish to return to school even if it’s a public school but she would just brush off my concerns and tell me I was being too sensitive. I felt like she was trying to push me away and it was heartbreaking.

One day, things came to a head. I can’t explain what came over me. We were arguing about the same issue and my grandmother became so angry that she slapped me across the face. I was in shock. She always act that way even when I was right.

I ran out of the house, tears streaming down my face. I felt so betrayed and hurt. I never wanted to see her again. She was treating me like a total stranger.

I roamed through the street hoping that she would look out for me but she didn’t. I was surprised not to see her look for me.

Despite my anger, I still loved my grandmother. I wanted to make things right between us, so I eventually returned home. When I did, I found her in her bedroom, lying in bed and unresponsive. I begged her to forgive every of my shortcomings. I also asked her why she was treating me that way and that was it my Parents’ Shortcomings? She kept quiet without uttering a word.


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