Intensional episode 3


Episode 3

Final episode

It was 3am in the morning when my phone started buzzing, I looked it was another message.

Dear Anna, you think you will get away with this? You didn’t show up with the money. Now you Mother will has to die.

My heart leaped when I read the message, I went straight to my mother’s room to check on her. I didn’t even have time to wake my husband up, I got to her room I didn’t see my mother on the bed. I looked on the floor and saw my mother’s lifeless body on the floor, swimming in her own blood.

I screamed out so loud that it woke my husband up and alerted the security. I shook my mother so hard to wake up but she was long gone, my husband came in and saw what happened and got pissed.

He sanctioned his security team, and employed new ones. How can they be around and someone broke into the house to kill my mother. This is most pain part of my life since my existence, the only family closet to me is gone without saying goodbye.

My personal bodyguard frank was replaced with another, but I didn’t see the need of having them around when they do nothing.

I tried calling the number that keep sending me all those messages but it couldn’t connect. I really want to look at person face to face and deal with the person so bad.

For days I couldn’t eat, my mother was buried secretly away from the sight of blogs and other drama. I didn’t want too much thing because I wasn’t celebrating life, my whole world just crumbled.

I sat down in my room after the burial, I need a quiet place. I began to think about so many things, like who did I offend? What have I done? Who could do this to me? I was just thinking about so many things when my phone rang. I quickly picked it, looking at the number it was a private number.

“Hello”, I said.

“Hi we finally speak to each other after a long time”, Jennifer said.

“Jennifer, is this really you? Have been looking for you. I even went to where you work but they haven’t seen since my wedding, is everything okay?”, I asked feeling happy to hear my best friends voice again.

“Oh that’s kind of you, but you shouldn’t have. Why will you be looking for me? You should be crying your eyes out now your mother is died”, Jennifer replied.

“Wait, how did you know my mother died, we did a secret burial?”, I asked sounding curiously.

“Oh I know because am the one that killed her”, Jennifer replied while laughing over the phone.

“What? Jennifer how could you, she paid for your fees in school when your parents went broke. How could you?”, I asked her crying over the phone.

“Don’t worry save your questions for later, I will send an address. You will come down here alone, don’t try informing the police. it’s time to save your husband”, she said laughing so loud.

“What do you mean save my husband?”, I asked curiously.

“Yes you have to save him because I took him hostage, he was on his way coming home when I nabbed him with the help of my step brother Frank your personal bodyguard”, she replied.

“What? Don’t do anything to him, I will come to the address please”, I cried out while she hung up.

Some seconds later an address was sent to my phone, I was preparing to get there. I had to change from the gown I was wearing to a jean, polo and sneakers. I informed the police, but told them to keep tabs on me till get there.

I couldn’t believe frank my ex-bodyguard was Jennifer step brother. I Haven’t met him before and each time I was suppose to meet him something kept coming up. I can’t believe frank was involved in Jennifer’s dirty act, why would they do this to me? Why?

I got into the car and drove down to the address, it was an old construction site but kind of abandoned. I could see frank at the entrance with an evil smirk ushering me into the building.

I saw my husband tied to a chair which looked like it has electric wires on it, one wrong move it will shock you really bad. I was about to rush to him when Jennifer blocked my way and gave me a hot slap.

This time Jennifer was looking so awful, dirty and her hair haggered. I wonder what happened to the shiny Jennifer who was every man’s dreams.

“Don’t come close to him”, Jennifer said as frank stands behind him.

“Baby, please go home. It’s a trap, she trapped you, Why did you come here?”, My husband yelled at me.

“I couldn’t leave you here, I had to come”, I scolded.

“Awww love birds, but I have to cut this love language short”, Jennifer replied.

“Why are you even doing this?”, I asked.

“That’s a good question, since you won’t let me have Jake then I decide to take him forcefully from you. You see we have friends right from when we grew up together, I have had all I ever wanted both from my parents, even from your late mother and from you. Taking your stuffs felt good and it satisfied me, I even took all your boyfriend’s then in school and you didn’t fight that because we are friends.
So what is so special about this husband of yours that I can’t share? Huh?”, Jennifer asked.

“Jennifer are you alright in the head? Those guys where my boyfriend’s they didn’t even deserve me that’s why they fell for your lies and deceit. This is my loving husband, you can’t have him. You need to grow up and realize that not everything you must get”, I replied her.

“That’s where your wrong Anna, I most get everything and anything. You see Jake here, I will get married to him here with the help of my step brother who will stand as a pastor. I will live in that mansion of yours, wear all the expensive clothes and shoes you have. Lay on your bed and memories with your husband, and take over your cloth business. If you don’t agree I will kill you, or kill him. Choose girl”, Jennifer said.

“So you killed my mother because of a man who doesn’t love you or know your existence. Your really a psyco, you need help not a man, I replied.

“I killed your mother because she knew too much, she was the first person to find out frank is my step brother. She heard all our conversations and wanted to tell you but you where to busy to listen so I killed her. She can’t mess up my plans, you made me a shadow of myself. You married a rich man and became so popular and you expect me to be happy for you? I need a rich man too, to get married to me so I can be rich and popular. But I don’t any rich man, I need your husband, as far as it’s yours i want it and that’s how it has to be”, Jennifer said pointing a gun at Jake.

I could see the pain in Jake’s eyes, I could see the hurt in his heart. How could this girl do this to me? Just to have what is mine. I looked at my lovely husband and still took a look at my belly, feeling my little fetus.

“You have to kill me, because am not letting you have the only family I have left. You took my mother, now you have to take me too”, I yelled to her.

“So shall it be, goodbye friend”, Jennifer said as she pointed the gun at me and was about to shoot.

I heard a gun shot and turned it was the police who where shooting. I quickly rushed to untie husband, they shot frank and he died on the spot. Jennifer sustained an injury, the police to her anyway.

And my husband got home, we never took anything for granted anymore. We relocated to Paris, where I spent my honeymoon. I loved there so much it was the best place to grow my cloth business more.

Some months later I gave birth to a baby boy, Jake was so happy. He took over all the duties of taking care of him and letting me rest, I wished my mother saw his face before she left this world.

We were later informed that Jennifer was diagnosed of brain cancer, after being informed about it. Some weeks later we heard she died in her cell, nobody knew who killed her and didn’t look like suicide.

I felt bad that her turned out to be this way after so many years of dreaming about some many things together. I learnt never to trust anyone but your self, I learnt to trust my husband because his the only family I had.

My friend turned my enemy and she kill my mother intensional. Everything she did to me all my life was Intensional.

The end

Tishania Ginikachi

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