If only I had waited episode 3


©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

Part 3

I gave mum millions of reasons why getting married to Juwon would be impossible but, all fell on dead ears.

Mum began to hammer “Sandra, Juwon’s wife…” in my ears some weeks to the wedding ceremony.

I couldn’t bear it. I attempted suicide but, I wasn’t killed. Death didn’t visit me despite my desperation for death.

A thought came to my mind. I spoke to one of my friends about it. My friend was older than me in age. She was just like an elder sister to me. She became a mentor to me.

She couldn’t believe my ordeals. She never expected my mum to have done such. She really felt for me.

“Sandra, if I’m in your shoes, I will never settle for such a man.” She said.

I broke down in tears before her because I was clueless. I didn’t know my next line of action.

“Sandra, I will speak to my aunty about this.” She said. My face was brightened. It was as if I just finished eating a very delicious meal. You know that kind of joy that follows devouring your favorite food?

I was happy. I really believed my problem was solved.

Another thought came to my mind ” Sandra, what if she never calls her aunty on your behalf?”. I rebuked the spirit immediately.

” Sis Sewa, I hope this won’t fail.” I asked.

“No, trust me. I’m aware that your ceremony is fast approaching and I wouldn’t want you to fall into his hands. So, be rest assured that I’m going to do as I have promised.” She said.

Before we departed that day, she gave me a very tight hug and reassured me that everything would be fine.

After few days, I visited her again. She told me her aunty advised me to sneak out of the house and come down to Abuja where she resides.

My joy knew no bound.

“Sandra, I told you I won’t fail you. Did I fail you?” I nodded my head like an agama lizard.

“No!!” I replied.

She told me what to do but, I didn’t get her very well. Her phone rang. It was her Aunty.

I listened to her with rapt attention.

Her aunty told me what to do. I couldn’t thank her less. She told me to cooperate with mum. She told me to act as if I was in support of the marriage.

I made sure my wedding gown was ready. I made everything ready. My mum was very happy because I decided to marry him.

Juwon’s family paid all the necessary dues they were expected to pay. Mum became a rich woman in a twinkling of an eye.

Three days to the D-day, I sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night. My friend and I planned it that way.

As I was walking down to my friend’s place, I was stopped by a security man. I told him I received a distress call from one of my friends. He released me.

I got to her place safely. The following morning, we took off to Abuja.

My friend’s aunty welcomed me warmly. She took me as her daughter. She really took good care of me.

Along the line, she took me to a woman’s place to learn fashion designing. I was very diligent. My boss was amazed.

My friend’s Aunty enrolled me in one of the best schools in Abuja. In no time, I completed my secondary education.

My friend’s aunty sponsored me in University. Along the line, I fell in love with a man. He also loved me with everything he had. I told aunty about it, she advised me to visit my mum. At least, Juwon could have married another woman.

I fixed a day for my visitation to my mum’s place. The D-day for the visitation came.

As I was inside the bus, I perceived burnt substances. I couldn’t fathom what got burnt. To cut the long story short, we had an accident.

The joy of it all was that I got to my village safely. As I was very near to mum’s house, I became fearful. I didn’t know what to expect from mum.

As I was about to knock at the door, I urinated on my body. I broke down in tears because of what I saw.

What did I see?

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa

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