If only I had waited episode 10


Part 10

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa

“Why did you send me away. Why did you treat me like that. Just because of another woman you forgot the woman you claimed you love. You allowed me to pass through hell. You broke my fragile heart. Now, you’re back, asking for forgiveness.” I said as I broke down in tears that refused to stop.

He wiped those tears and hugged me very tight. I felt loved. I almost forgave him, but I was still scared of things not known to me. I wanted more than that hug. I really missed him. I really needed an intimate touch.

“Please, forgive me babe.” He finally said.

“I have forgiven you. I also need you to forgive me for sleeping with a friend of mine to get you a child. I am so sorry for everything that ever happened. Desperation actually led me there. Thank God, He has forgiven me. I need you to also forgive me.” I said.

“I have forgiven you as well.” He said. We hugged ourselves.

“Please, be going home. Don’t keep your wife waiting. She will be waiting to see your face.” I said as I disengaged from the hug.

“Which wife?” He said.

“Your wife. The other woman.” I said.

“Sandra, she has gone.” He said.

“Why? Did you send her away just like you did to me? I hope your mother didn’t beat you for sending.” I said sarcastically.

“It’s a long story. I later got to know that I wasn’t the real father of the child.

One day, The child was involved in an accident which also claimed the lives of 5 pupils in her school. On getting to the hospital, the proprietor placed a call across to me to asking me to come down to the hospital immediately.

At the spur of the moment, I left everything I was doing and went straight to the hospital. I never knew that her mother was there.

I was made to understand that she needed blood. They thought I could donate my blood for her. They were about to collect my blood when someone suggested I was tested to know if my blood would be compatible with her own.

To their greatest surprise, it wasn’t compatible. They had to carry a DNA test to confirm if I was the father of the child.

Well, it was confirmed that I wasn’t the father of the child. In fact, I got to know that I had no possibility of fathering a child.

It wasn’t known to me that the problem of fertility could also be from my end. I thought it was only women that have fertility problem.

To cut the long story short, we lost her.

I was very angry because I never knew I had been taking care of a child who belonged to another man. I really took good care of that girl when she was alive. I made life very easy for her. I didn’t know that I was actually taking care of another person’s property.

When she came back home that night, she was scared of me because she knew I was aware that I wasn’t the father of the child. I went straight to the kitchen to get a knife. I was determined to stab her that night if she failed to tell me who the real father is.

She confessed that my brother was the one responsible for the baby. Immediately, I felt like punching her. In fact, I gave her a very hot slap for sleeping with my own brother.

My own brother!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Immediately, I placed a call across to him. I told him everything, but he didn’t see anything wrong in what he did. He told me the lady wasn’t my wife. He insulted me. It was as if I should stab him, but he wasn’t beside me.

I realized that she was still sitting down. I went to where she was and descended on her. I almost killed her. That same night, I asked her to pack her things out of my house. She begged me to pardon her. She even pleaded if I could allow her to wait till the following day, but I wasn’t ready to listen to her. All her pleas fell on deaf ears.

I guessed as well that my brother was right. God blessed me with a wife, but desperation to have a child made me get a second woman who wasn’t my legal wife. He was one of those that spoke sense to my brain that I should re-unite with you.

I became sorrowful when I remembered your own case. If I knew the problem was from my end, I wouldn’t have married that lady. She was only after my wealth.

Few weeks after that incidence, mum became terribly sick.

Could you believe that my mother was the one who orchestrated these. Remember, I told you she affected my reproductive system and also took away your womb. Despite that, she still arranged for another lady to have a child for me from another man in order for my eyes not to be opened to her atrocities.” He said.

I couldn’t control my tears when I remembered some things. Before my old friend impregnated me, I remembered what God actually told me some months before that incidence.

I thought God was actually getting to late to attend to my matter and that was why I decided to help myself.

To be sincere with you, something like what your mother did to me was revealed to me in my dream.

I saw a woman in my dream removing something out of my body. I was also smiling. In fact, I couldn’t thank her enough. I thought she was trying to remove things that weren’t supposed to be in my body, out.

I never knew she was removing something vital in my life. When I woke up, I had the urge to pray about it, but I took the dream as a myth.

At another time, I dreamt. In that dream, I got to know that my answers to my prayers were very near. In fact, just a step more to my answers. I was warned to be patient enough to walk through that step. I was warned never to be weary of waiting because my answer was very near.

Along the line, I didn’t know what actually came upon me. I angrily went away because it was taking much time for my answer to come. I was weary. Just after I left, the answer came immediately, but I was no where to be found. Eventually, the answer was given to another person.

When I woke up again this time, I took this dream with a hand of levity. I thought it was a myth.

Maybe, if I had pressed further in the place of prayers, my prayers would have been answered. Maybe if I didn’t solicit help from my friend, I would have become a mother.

“Dear, I have another confession to make. Pastor Badelolu is a…” I said.

To be continued.

Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa

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