How She Turned Her Husband Into A Fufu Pounder

A beautiful Nigerian wife had many people talking on social media after her husband was seen seriously pounding fufu just moments after she told him she was craving fufu.

In the said video, captioned: ‘I told my husband I want handmade fufu,’ the lady was seen showing off her face and body, after which she showed her husband who was already pounding the fufu vigorously, sweating in the process.

"The fufu soft die" - Nigerian wife causes controversy as she tells husband she craves handmade fufu, he pounds it
She captured the entire process as he continued to pound the fufu to make it soft and edible.
At the end of the video, the wife, who seemed very happy and satisfied with what her husband had done, revealed that he delivered. She wrote: ‘And he delivered, this man!’

The video, however, caught the attention of many social media users who have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Creator: “And the fufu soft die.”

Major capella: “U blessed sis”

Anny🦋Berry: “Pls allow the single breath 😂😂this women.”

Alex: “Tell my man and u are alone on ur home made fufu journey.”






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