How much would YOU pay for a virtual girlfriend?

A Snapchat influencer is hiring out a virtual clone of herself that engages in ‘er0tic discourse’ for $1 (80p) per minute.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to create a copy of 23-year-old Caryn Marjorie as a way of engaging with her 1.8 million social media fans.

CarynAI claims to have captured her ‘unique voice, captivating persona and distinctive behaviour’, making users feel as though they are talking to the real model.

There is currently a 26-hour waiting list to gain access to the virtual girlfriend’s early release, with more than 5,000 members already signed up.

Caryn told MailOnline: ‘Being the first influencer to do this has allowed me to price my product at whatever I wanted. At $1.00 a minute, I have found it to be a sweet spot with my audience.

Caryn Marjorie (pictured), 23, has created a virtual clone of herself to talk with fans online

Caryn Marjorie (pictured), 23, has created a virtual clone of herself to talk with fans online

‘AI is very expensive to run and it feels like we are back in the old days when a USB with only 32 GB would cost so much. I plan on eventually charging much less down the road, if not make it free to use for my most loyal fans.’

Designers spent more than 2,000 hours pulling together CarynAI, which will be available anytime and anywhere for the personal enjoyment of users.

Conversations with CarynAI are strictly private and confidential, with the service offering end-to-end encryption.

Sexual scenarios and ‘er0tic discourse’ are among numerous topics CarynAI can speak on for the $1/minute (80p/minute) fee.

But Caryn explains this aspect has now ‘gone rogue’ with the team currently trying to fix it.

She continued: ‘CarynAI is adaptive and works to meet a user’s needs. We are restructuring what it can and can’t do, as one of the first things my fans and early users did was to push it past its limits.

‘I am working around the clock to make sure CarynAI stays within what I intended it to do and be: A tool to cure loneliness. CarynAI is designed with endless hours of Cognitive and Dialectical behavior therapy to help my fans get more fit both physically and mentally.’

The anticipated launch of CarynAI comes at a time when numerous tech giants are launching their own human-like chatbots, often participating in intimate conversations.

The new CarynAI bot can touch on 'erotic discourse' and discuss sexual scenarios

Pictured: There is currently a 26-hour waiting list to get early access to the CarynAI bot

Eventually, Caryn believes that her bot could rake in $5million (£3.97million) on a monthly basis if 20,000 of her followers get a membership, according to Fortune.

More than $71,000 (£56,400) was generated in just a week following the release of her test version.

She told MailOnline: ‘In the past 24 hours, CarynAI has skyrocketed. We are up over 1,000 per cent and it’s still climbing.

‘The amount of coverage has been insane and we are starting to be more selective on who we are letting in to make sure only my fans are able to access CarynAI. At the current growth rate, we will surpass initial predictions and this is starting to become a life changing project for me.’

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