How I almost lost my life episode 6

Episode 6

I crawled to where one of the cars where packed, I looked around carefully to make sure no one was looking, I hurriedly opened the car boot and crawled inside then Coolval stories closed it gently. I was surrounded with darkness with little or no air inside, but I cared less, I kept praying to God to spare my life..

After what seemed like an hour in the car boot, I heard loud noises with different footsteps walking out of the house and discussing close to the car I was in. I heard one of the men say “how is it possible for her to have escaped, where many securities at the entrance of the house, yet no one saw when she left the house?” I heard a different voice reply him “this is one reason why I suggested we should place a CCTV camera in this compound, but you all turned deaf ears to me” another different voice responded “this is not a time to wish, so have to find her so we can complete the rituals, I will not lose my life because of her, no one has ever escaped this place, so she will not be the first”

I almost burst into tears, but I had to control my emotions, my legs were visibly shaking, but I had to be strong for myself. After few minutes if silence, I heard James say “I have to go and see baba immediately, he alone can tell us where that girl is hiding” another person chipped in “yes you have to go, because if you don’t find that girl before midnight, we will all be dead”. After a while, I heard footsteps approaching the car I was hiding, the car door opened and the person sat down, and shut the door loudly, he started the engine, and reversed the car then zoomed off with a high speed.

With fear, I decided to check who was driving, and to my surprise, it was James himself. My fear increased immediately, I started thinking of a way to jump out if the car boot, I don’t want to think of what would happen if I eventually followed him to the babalawo’s house, so I kept praying and hoping for a Miracle. After a long drive, the car stopped, and I heard a strange voice greet “good afternoon sir” and James responded “good afternoon officer, please I am in a hurry to somewhere, as you can see it is getting late” the officer replied “don’t worry sir, I won’t delay you, I just want to see your papers” then a thought came into my mind, I decided to bang the boot in full force, to create awareness to the officers that someone was trapped in there.

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