How I almost lost my life episode 5

Episode 5

I stood there for a while contemplating on what to do, then an idea popped into my head, I rushed to the window, and thankfully it was a window with amaco glass, no protector nor louvers. I looked down from the room and it wasn’t as high as I expected, then I realized the room James brought me into was on the first floor, I didn’t waste time in climbing down from the window, I landed on the floor with a soft thud, but not soft enough for the gateman not to have heard it. The gateman stood up and shouted “who is there” I became very scared and squatted down without moving a muscle, after a while of listening attentively, he sat down.

Not too long, I heard the door of the room I jumped from opening, I needed no one to tell me it was James, I kept my cool and continued squatting, I heard him shout “f**k she has escaped ” and it followed with a loud shutting of the door. I was grateful he didn’t look at the window, else he would have known I jumped down from there since the window wasn’t open when we walked in.

I heard James calling the gateman and asking him if he saw me walk out of the building, the gateman responded with a no. James commanded the gateman and two other security men to search the inside of the building thoroughly, claiming that I was still in the building if no one saw me outside, and that followed with many footsteps walking into the house.

At this time I was already sweating, I knew I would be found in no time if I don’t do something fast. I kept thinking of what to do but no idea came to me, but then, my mind came up with something and I decided to go along with it.

I hope you guys are enjoying my story so far☺️

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