How I almost lost my life episode 2

Episode 2

We walked out of her house and into her car, she drove for a few miles and stopped in front of a boutique, we walked into the boutique, and she she gave me the go ahead to choose whatever dress I liked. I wasn’t really a classy type so I didn’t know what to choose. After a while of thorough searching, I stumbled on a sequence short gown, it was very beautiful and simple. She smiled when she saw the one I choosed. I didn’t waste time in changing my clothes in the bathroom, I came out looking all beautiful, she gasped, and complimented me as usual.

Few minutes later, we were out of the boutique and into the car again, I complained to her about how tattered my hair was, but she consoled me not to bother about my hair, that the clients are not after the face but what you have behind you.

We arrived at a big Mansion with tall gates, she horned for few minutes before the big gates were opened. She drove in and was obviously annoyed with the gateman, the gateman apologized and promised never to sleep on duty again. She hissed and dragged me into the house with her. We got into the house and I was mesmerized by what I saw, I never knew heaven was on earth, I had never seen something so fascinating. I was lost in my own world when Rose pinched me, I jolted back to reality and was met with four ladies standing right in front of me.

Rose introduced them to me, and explained that they were all into the same business. They welcomed me one after the other and I responded with a smile on my face. the tall one expressed her gratitude to Rose for bringing me into the circle, she further explained to me how she was going to handle two old men at the same time, but was relieved since I was there to take over one person, I didn’t say a word, I just smiled.

To be continued
Story by Debbie Enang

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