How Angry Boyfriend Snatched Iphone 15 And Wig After Girlfriend Rejected His Proposal

A young woman was left heartbroken and humiliated after her boyfriend forcefully took back an iPhone 15 and wig he had gifted her. The couple, who had been out on a romantic outing, became the center of attention for a shocking reason.

The boyfriend suddenly kneeled down and proposed to his girlfriend, catching her completely off guard. The unexpected proposal quickly drew a crowd of onlookers who began cheering and urging her to say yes. However, to the surprise of everyone present, the young woman declined the proposal and walked away, visibly surprised.

The rejection did not sit well with the boyfriend, who, in a fit of anger, rushed after her and snatched the wig and iPhone 15 he had previously gifted her.

Is an iPhone and a wig now a prerequisite for marriage? cry


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